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My name is Monica and am hoping to share my own personal experiences with DID, Bipolar and PTSD. I would like to finish school and become a Psychologist. If you should read my Hub's about DID and other mental or emotional illnesses regarding a loved one. Especially trying to understand the vicious stigma's toward the mentally ill. My goal is to help educate families and friends and counsel people. Encouraging, as many as I can of the possibilities and alternatives. Giving a ray of hope and of faith for those, who's loved ones struggle on a daily basis with these illnesses, just as I do. It is not easy to live with this condition and takes a great deal of patience, love, and concern for both the mentally ill (patient) and the (family) who cares for them. It takes a great amount of work, lots and lots of work, (therapy).

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  • Overwhelmed/ My Experience

    Overwhelmed/ My Experience

    4 weeks ago

    Overwhelmed Many people experience feelings that can make your problems feel bigger than what you are able to handle as an individual. Overwhelming feelings can occur from extending ourselves beyond our own...