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  • Psychic Dreams-One Experience

    Psychic Dreams-One Experience

    4 years ago

    One of the reasons we receive messages in our dreams is because we don’t recognize the messages in waking life, because our minds are full of chatter so we don't see them as psychic messages

  • Can We Live A Sinless Life? What Does The Bible Teach?

    Can We Live A Sinless Life? What Does The Bible Teach?

    5 years ago

    I hear from some people that they feel the 10 commandments are either hard, or impossible to keep. Then there're others who say God’s laws were either abolished, and no longer valid, or fulfilled by Jesus therefore no longer needed. Some even believe that if you live by the ten commandments you...

  • Life As An Empath

    Life As An Empath

    4 years ago

    Empathy is a gift given to understand others, but like with any gift, it comes with responsibility When I was very young, and playing alone or with my sister Tara, I would feel happy, and then I would go where others were, and I would experience a lot of different emotions that I couldn’t...

  • The Spirit Realm-My Experiences

    The Spirit Realm-My Experiences

    4 years ago

    I’m sure a lot of people don’t believe in the paranormal, which made me a little reluctant to tell others about my experiences. However, whether you believe or not, the truth is the truth, and I’m not going to hide it just to stave off the remarks of those who lack experience in this area of life.

  • The Answer To The World's Problems

    The Answer To The World's Problems

    4 years ago

    We as humans should desire peace, health, happiness, wealth, long life, and love How can you stop doing all the things that create chaos in the world?

  • Did Jesus And Gandhi Teach Pacifism?

    Did Jesus And Gandhi Teach Pacifism?

    5 years ago

    A lot of people say both Jesus, and Ghandi taught pacifism, so I looked up the things Jesus said, and did, and I read Quotes made by Ghandi, and came to a different conclusion

  • Taking Off The Masks We Wear

    Taking Off The Masks We Wear

    4 years ago

    Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that you, and everyone around you wear social masks. They are the faces we portray to the world. We hide behind these masks to prevent others from knowing something about us, or to depict the person we wish to be. Sometimes people wear masks so often, they...

  • Creation And Evolution, Is Man Superior

    Creation And Evolution, Is Man Superior

    4 years ago

    Do you believe that you were created or evolved? Is man superior to animals? if your answer is yes, please explain what makes him so

  • How To Have The Things You Desire

    How To Have The Things You Desire

    4 years ago

    Many people pray for riches, blessings, inner peace, and to become the kind of person God wants them to be, yet they never seem to be able to ascend, and grow in spirituality. Why can't they obtain it

  • Developing The Art Of Imagination-To Create

    Developing The Art Of Imagination-To Create

    4 years ago

    How to get your visions out of your head, and turn them into real life size, and effective images to create what you want

  • Catalepsy-The Living Dead

    Catalepsy-The Living Dead

    5 years ago

    Some people in this state that have been taken for dead, have been buried alive, at least in the old days before they knew much about it. Because of this illness stories have been circulated about people been buried alive, and writers have used it as the main plot in some of their stories.

  • People Who Mirror Us

    People Who Mirror Us

    5 years ago

    The only way we can know our true self is by looking at our relationships with other people. The reason is that people mirror back to us the qualities we like, and dislike about ourselves, and we can see these qualities in the way we interact with them.


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