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    Fun Facts About Fireflies

    2 days ago

    Fireflies are light-producing insects. They are also known as glowworms or lightning bugs. There are approximately 2,000 species of fireflies. Their unique feature is the light organ which is located under the abdomen.

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    Aristotle and His Political Philosophy

    4 weeks ago

    Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, has a distinct place in the history of political science. How he started his 'lyceum' and which areas he has covered in his political philosophy? Why he is known as the father of political science?

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    House Near the Farm

    6 weeks ago

    I have written this poem in response to John challenge on sentence prompt. That was a fun writing and I really enjoyed it.

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    10 Moments That Bring a Real Smile on Your Face

    6 weeks ago

    A smile is a way to express your feeling of happiness. People feel happy when they satisfy their heart and mind. The gist of this article is, "there is always a reason to smile, you just need to find it".

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    Democracy: Its Origin and Reliability

    5 weeks ago

    Democracy is a system that was introduced to protect the rights of the people. People, representatives, and states act as a triangle and directly linked with each other. In this article, you will be able to understand the meaning, nature, and its link with other determinants of the state.

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    Behind the Bars: Episode 1

    7 weeks ago

    Alif was a young girl who lived in Izmir. She was a different girl and because of her unique nature, everyone wanted to be on her favourite list. But when life becomes cruel and a person ultimately says, "I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed". The same was the case with Alif.

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    Freedom of Speech or Islamophobia: Blasphemy Under the Guise of Free Speech

    5 months ago

    How to use your freedom of speech; it's important to know in the ongoing situations. Making fun of someone's beliefs is not ethical. My purpose in writing this article is not to hurt someone, but it is to show the true picture of some misconceptions.

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    Companions of Life: A Short Story

    7 months ago

    Nora was a sensitive girl. For her, happiness was not in a luxurious life, but it was in caring, loving, and helping others.

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    Facts About Elephants: Their Species, Habitat, and Characteristics

    5 weeks ago

    The elephant is always looked upon with interest. It has a special place in the class Mammalia. It attracts attention because of the extra-large size of the body and other distinct features like trunk, tusks and large flapping ears.

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    It's Time to Think Collectively, Not Individually

    9 months ago

    With collective thinking, we can bravely face the biggest challenges. Today the entire world is going through a difficult time. This article contains how we can stand together and move forward with collective minds in this difficult time.

  • Moments of Aggression: the Story of the Death of An Innocent Girl

    Moments of Aggression: the Story of the Death of An Innocent Girl

    9 months ago

    The woman endured everything, but now the cruelty has reached its climax when a man who couldn't control his aggression killed an innocent girl. The man had taken his own life but ruined the lives of three people. In this article, I will share how doomsday broke in a house in an instant.

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    Moments Of Fear: Based on True Events

    6 months ago

    You must have heard about supernatural powers. You may have read many myths and novels about ghosts and demons. But reading novels is differs from real feelings. This article is based on true events that happened to me.

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    When Dreams are Shattered and Reality Becomes Bitter

    9 months ago

    No one knows when and how life changes. Sometimes life brings you to a point where you don't know what to do. This article will show you how to deal with these situations. Life is full of trials, it is sensible to go through them with patience and endurance.


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