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Being a mom is tough, being a single mom is tougher, but with three great kids, a sweet kity, and an awesome job in the family automotive business, things always seem to work out.

My background is in Accounting and finance, and I think I've learned a few tricks to running a household of three kids on a shoestring budget. Hopefully other moms and dads out there can relate, and can learn a few things, or at least just have a great laugh at my expense.

The Auto industry is incredible, and I've been lucky enough to be mentored by my father, a 30 year veteran in the industry, and owner of a successful car dealership, whose main philosophy is 'Keep it simple",and "Keep the cost down". I love to show people how to save money buying cars and motorcycles. It is very satisfying to do on a daily basis, and I hope to share what I've learned with everyone here.

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  • Buying a Salvage Motorcycle

    Buying a Salvage Motorcycle

    2 years ago

    There's nothing like taking a pile of junk and transforming it into a powerful, gleaming machine. Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about salvaging motorcycles.