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I am a fierce supporter of early childhood education, an avid reader of ancient history, an artist, animal lover, and writer. I love to write on topics I feel strongly about and am emotionally connected to. After conducting in depth research, I like to make a scathing comparison between my fundamental beliefs and the honesty of my research, so that I can present my ideas in the most transparent way possible, hoping contraversial topics prove less irritating in the hands of a skilled writer- if I can consider myself to be one.

I joined hubpages because I believe in sharing our benevolant passions, hard-earned experiences and creating networks that rekindle the natural urge to share our deepest thoughts with open-minded individuals although such straightforwardness can be frought with risks. I hope the articles I write are enjoyable to read, and I look forward to reading the interesting articles of other hubbers who have also been endowed with the gift of writing.

At present moment I'm working on a campaign to promote my first book: Making Sense of Children's Senses-Relaxation Strategies for the Chaotic Classroom. My book is geared towards childcare providers and it aims to foster a distinctive kind of empathy towards the children of this generation who are growing up in a particulary difficult time in history. If you work with children, or are a parent, you can follow me on my blog at my early childhood education wordpress blog. My book can be also found in Amazon, and other book stores.

Thank you.

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  • Who's the Boss? Leading Children by Setting Limits

    Who's the Boss? Leading Children by Setting Limits

    16 months ago

    Parents have the ability of molding their children into responsible, law abiding citizens. Parents can be successful in raising conscientious, sensible children, but they must first set their limits.

  • When Intellect Flirted with Power

    When Intellect Flirted with Power

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    The persuasive treatment of this ancient philosophy was to be widely applied, because the poetry of human pride is really quite influential and integral to the establishment of supremacy.

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    The Horse Fair

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    The Horse Fair, 1853–55, Rosa Bonheur (French), Oil on canvas Aspiring to become a respected female artist during the nineteenth century was certainly an unthinkable pursuit for most women. Even more unthinkable of...