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I have only been active on Hubpages for a little while, but I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and knowledge with readers. However, I am now saying goodbye.

For reasons not completely clear to me, Google has terminated my AdSense account, and denied my appeal to reinstate it. I love to write, but part of the purpose of my writing for Hubpages was to get to a point where I was generating some extra income. I was also looking forward to participating in their apprenticeship program, which was scheduled to start this coming Wednesday. Since AdSense is required to participate in that, and since AdSense is the centerpiece of the entire earnings program on Hubpages, my days as a hubber are at an end. Thanks to everyone who has read my work. Peace.

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  • Chemotherapy For Cats: Our Experience

    Chemotherapy For Cats: Our Experience

    5 years ago

    Cancer has become a big concern for pet owners, as pets receive better medical care and live longer. When people hear the word "chemotherapy" they think of cancer patients who have no hair and are sick to their stomach...

  • Choosing the Right Band Instrument for Your Child

    Choosing the Right Band Instrument for Your Child

    22 months ago

    Every year many school children decide they want to play a band instrument. Some are successful, some get frustrated and quit due to their lack of success. This hub contains information to help parents choose the...