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A fan of Star Trek and science fiction. Here's a basic summary of things for me:

The original series was good.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was good.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was ok.

Star Trek: Voyager was ok.

After that.......ehhh

Aside from Star Trek, there are other topics which pique my interest. It's the exploration of these interesting and possibly unexplored areas which can be fun.

If you've ever been to a comic/sci-fi convention where trekkies from all over the planet converge, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Live Long And Prosper!

For everything else.......That's Illogical.


Here are some of my favorite hubs:

Comfortable chaise lounge chairs for the home.

Make tasty drinks with juicers.

Or more specifically, these are........fascinating.

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