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I would like to explain the name that I chose fur HubPages. Hope it will say something about why I am here.

To me a butterfly is a symbol of imagination and freedom – two things important in life and in writing. Although a creature of ephemeral beauty, it lives through three important stages of one’s existence. At first it feeds itself on flowers and leaves, then shies away into cocoon and finally breaks free from it to repay the world with beauty and joy it brings.

In biology, last stage of development of a butterfly, when metamorphosis is complete and wings are developed, is called “imago”. This is a Latin word with multiple meanings, such as “conception”, “idea”, “reflection”, “metaphor” and others. “Imago” is also etymological origin of word “imagination”.

I feel that my imagination has to feed itself as well on books, beautiful places I go to and all small, but amazing things in life that I notice. Then I contemplate it in my inner cocoon to grow wings, which help to share experience with others.

Finally, since I am interested in multiple topics, I enjoy researching them, like a butterfly landing from flower to flower. Here in HubPages I would like to share some interesting things that I discover.

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