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I have been through many relationships. I have broken hearts, and I have had my heart broken. In the end I found my Prince Charming.

I am here to give advice to anyone willing to listen or answer questions that anyone wants to ask. I am giving the advice from the wisdom I have learned through my time of dating.

If you want the truth, I will give it.

I will also write about anything that pops into my head. Some you will have to read inbetween the lines for the humor. While other times it will be straight forward what I feel and think. You might like what I write. Or you might not like it.

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  • He's Raised His Fist BUT He Hasn't Hit Me.

    He's Raised His Fist BUT He Hasn't Hit Me.

    9 years ago

    I have been in this kind of relationship and I was even engaged to the guy. It took him up to 2 1/2 years before he raised his fist at me. But the rest of the time he was controlling me. I couldn't do this or that. I...

  • I've Lost My Virginity. Now What?

    I've Lost My Virginity. Now What?

    9 years ago

    This is hub is going to be from the woman's point of view. If your a teenager in middle school or high school your probably hearing from behind hands whispers who did who and who broke up with who, etc. But I don't...