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I have been a professional writer for 34 years, specializing in technical documents.

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  • Enneagram: Typing Hitler

    Enneagram: Typing Hitler

    7 years ago

    Conventional enneagram wisdom sees Hitler as a counterphobic Six, all spines and huffing and puffing, saucer-eyed and quivering in terror at his own internal demons and projecting them out into the unfortunate...

  • Enneagram Type Four

    Enneagram Type Four

    6 years ago

    The world of the Four Something fundamental has gone wrong for Fours, but they don’t know exactly what it is, usually. Whatever it is, fixing the loss is so important that everything else in life - work, social...

  • Enneagram Type Three

    Enneagram Type Three

    6 years ago

    The world of the Three You probably know it well; Threes are the marketers, the salesman, the small business owners, the actors and sports idols and public speakers and politicians in our midst. For Threes, there was...

  • Enneagram Type Two

    Enneagram Type Two

    6 years ago

    The world of the Two Twos are readily recognized, as female Twos outnumber male Twos by at least 5 to 1, in this culture at least, and examples of them are everywhere. Twos are the helpers who subordinate their own...