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I see the poetry in every morsel, minutia of life. My stream of consciousness puts the richness of food, wine, faith and sexuality into words for the laymen to Selah: hebrew for pause, and think on that. My blog showcases the best of in lifestyle appreciation to the fullness thereof. I am a lilly of the valley, a rose of Sharon, the Afro-latin spice, Black beauty and California rich adventurer. Speaking of, I invite you to delve into the "rich adventure" as is my husband's mantra and enjoy cooking, food and drink pairings, spiritual revelations, surf and turf activities and sensual awareness with me and my biracial blended family. We are trendsetters who love to catalogue our journey. We are the family that camps, bikes and boards, surfs and hikes, plays board games and plays sports in lieu of the TIVO couch potato norm.

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  • Pairings:wheninrome


    3 years ago

    While the 'in' fashion seems complimentary and often mis-matched couture, I'm an old soul; classic matching has always been my thing. The same to be said for food and wine, I say: when in Rome...

  • MssKrss' Trader Joe's Handpicked Cheese Platter

    MssKrss' Trader Joe's Handpicked Cheese Platter

    3 years ago

    After years ordering, merchandising, and stocking the Trader Joes cheeses, I have your inside scoop on the most complimentary cheeses for your holiday party platters!

  • Turkcrescents


    3 years ago

    Remixing traditional favorites is a win-win for the cook, the kids and the picky eater set in their basic tastes. Here are 2 ways to make Thanksgiving leftovers into refreshingly original combos!