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I started writing as early as my first memory. I remember copying letters that my mom received in the mail because I was fascinated with the written language. Once I started middle school, I wrote sappy love poems, which rhymed perfectly, but they were annoyingly contrived. I also went through a phase of angst-ridden poems... like I knew anything about torment and struggle.

Through the years, and especially with the help of my college professors, my writing developed and my opinions/ideas have much improved. Maturity also has slowed me down long enough to complete a thought and finish a sentence.

With the virtual world such an opportunistic place for writers, I thought it to be a great way to share my writing and expertise with others. Writing about things that interest me, and on topics I know something about, is a great way to elevate my writing and enhance my exposure.

I hope you learn and/or find the answers to some of your questions when you read my articles. More importantly, I hope you enjoy what you read.

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