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  • Bridesmaids:  How many is too many?

    Bridesmaids: How many is too many?

    6 years ago

    How to organize a bridal party

  • Pick Up Lines - Twenty Ways To Score

    Pick Up Lines - Twenty Ways To Score

    8 years ago

    Not since cavemen stopped using clubs as the best method to score a potential mate has mankind come to a stand still in the art of picking up. Everything has been tried and tested from aftershave to member enlargement (worded that way to avoid...

  • Four Kinds of Learning

    Four Kinds of Learning

    8 years ago

    Years ago, in the village school or in the one-teacher school in the outback, teachers were quite likely to be a well-known member of a small community. They interacted with the child for six years or longer and had some chance of creating a warm,...

  • How is Wine Made?

    How is Wine Made?

    8 years ago

    Crushed ripe grapes, left to themselves, ferment and make a wine of sorts. But fine wines are a product of man's knowledge, skill, and labor, as well as natural ingredients and favorable weather. A modern winery is a factory where wine is made. It...

  • What is Neo-Impressionism?

    What is Neo-Impressionism?

    8 years ago

    Neoimpressionism was an artistic movement of the late 19th century, based largely on the work and theories of the French painter Georges Seurat (1859-1891). Following the dictum of Paul Cezanne, who wanted "to make of Impressionism something solid...

  • What Causes Hiccups?

    What Causes Hiccups?

    8 years ago

    Caused by a spasm of the diaphragm, the large powerful muscle situated at the base of the chest cavity, a hiccup (or hiccough) is an abrupt, involuntary intake of air. The diaphragm contracts and relaxes as an aid to breathing; the contractions are...

  • Child Like Innocence?

    Child Like Innocence?

    8 years ago

    Children, like the rich, are never innocent. For sheer, red-faced egocentric arrogance you cannot beat the newborn child. Only in very powerful and very rich old men will you see the sort of blank, unforgiving stare that comes from the eyes of...

  • Brasilia


    8 years ago

    The capital of Brazil, the city of Brasilia was inaugurated on 21 April 1960. Situated 933 km north-west of Rio de Janeiro, the former capital, Brasilia, a planned modern city, lies in the Federal District, which covers an area of 5864 km2 in the...

  • 1

    Coffee Bean Cultivation

    8 years ago

    The coffee tree requires a stable environment. It cannot tolerate frost, nor can it survive prolonged periods of extremely high temperature. It requires at least 40 and preferably 70 or more inches (100 to 180 or more cm) of rain per year and it...

  • Are We Too Body Conscious?

    Are We Too Body Conscious?

    8 years ago

    We must suffer in order to be beautiful, it is said. From the beginning, Man's search for the ultimate in physical and moral beauty has been a history of extraordinary excess and extravagance. We have poisoned ourselves with paints, distorted our...

  • Relaxation Methods

    Relaxation Methods

    9 years ago

    It is necessary for those who would practice relaxation therapy to understand the relationship between mind and muscle tension, and that, though there is nothing essentially difficult in the technique, it demands perseverance and courage. The tense...

  • Relaxation Therapy

    Relaxation Therapy

    9 years ago

    A noticeable feature of life to-day is the large number of people who experience and suffer mental tension. In all classes of society, in all walks of life, at all ages, we find men and women who are tense in themselves, tense in their work, and...

  • How to Stop Worrying

    How to Stop Worrying

    9 years ago

    The origin of the word "worry" is from the Middle English "worowen" which means "to strangle". That is a true indication of the meaning of the word, for in the toils of worry a human soul may be virtually strangled. Nothing can be more destructive...

  • Houseplant Pests

    Houseplant Pests

    9 years ago

    The best defense against damage to plants by insects is a healthy environment and early detection of infestation. Aerosol spray bombs are the handiest insecticides for indoor plants, but only those specially recommended for plants should be used and...

  • Repotting Houseplants

    Repotting Houseplants

    9 years ago

    Most plants should be repotted when their roots become pot-bound. A potbound plant can be recognized easily because the soil dries out quickly, and the roots often grow through the drainage hole. Repotting is best done when the plant is in active...

  • Self Expression

    Self Expression

    9 years ago

    For successful living, we must know how to express ourselves to our own satisfaction as well as to the satisfaction of others. One of the arts of life is the art of self-expression. Many people have much to give to life but fail because they are...

  • Houseplants: Improving the Plant Environment

    Houseplants: Improving the Plant Environment

    9 years ago

    There are many ways to improve the environment indoors so that plants will really thrive. The best way to increase humidity in winter is by a central humidifier, although a portable humidifier in the plant room will also help a lot. Other aids...

  • Houseplant Propagation

    Houseplant Propagation

    9 years ago

    An easy method of propagating houseplants is with stem cuttings. In this method, healthy 3 to 4 inch tips are cut from the mother plant, dipped in a rooting hormone, and thrust about an inch into damp perlite or individual expanding peat pots. A...

  • Caring for Houseplants

    Caring for Houseplants

    9 years ago

    Most houseplants need to be watered only when the soil feels slightly dry, They then should be watered thoroughly. But plants should never be watered slavishly (once a day or once a week) because moisture requirements change with the seasons. Pots...

  • Choosing a Houseplant

    Choosing a Houseplant

    9 years ago

    Houseplants are commonly kept for their attractive foliage and flowers. They have had a remarkable rise in popularity, both as a decorative aid and as an absorbing hobby. Success with houseplants, often ascribed to a "green thumb," is actually...

  • What is a Nursery Rhyme?

    What is a Nursery Rhyme?

    9 years ago

    A nursery rhyme is a rhymed verse associated with the nursery and early childhood. Despite their childlike simplicity, nursery rhymes have endured over the centuries and are known all over the world. A child's introduction to poetry is usually to...

  • 9

    Coffee: The Magic Roast- How and why coffee beans are roasted

    10 years ago

    Despite the accidental hurling of coffee beans into the fire in the 9th Century, it wasn't until 300 years later that coffee-lovers realized that roasting was such a vital (even magical) means of achieving great coffee flavor. In the 16th Century,...

  • A History of the Corset

    A History of the Corset

    10 years ago

    The corset is a a close-fitting undergarment of cotton or linen, stiffened with bands of bone or metal and fastened by lacings or hooks. The importance of corsets, also called "stays" has depended on the vagaries of fashion, and at times they have...

  • How To Pick Up Violent Girls

    How To Pick Up Violent Girls

    10 years ago

    Suppose some night you are feeling tough. Suppose some night you feel like kicking butt. Suppose some night you want to find someone who will kick butt with you, who will stand back-to-back with you, take on all comers and cleaning out bars and...

  • How To Pick Up Refined Girls

    How To Pick Up Refined Girls

    10 years ago

    What do you think, refined girls don't have needs, refined girls don't have wants? Refined girls are nothing more than cheap girls who have learned to keep their elbows off the table. As long as you know what not to say - and keep your hands to...

  • How To Pick Up Weird Girls

    How To Pick Up Weird Girls

    10 years ago

    It is easy to spot weird girls. If you are in a bar and want to find a weird girl, just look for someone lapping beer from a knapsack or standing on a table and reciting Chaucer in pig-Latin. If you are at a party and want to find a weird girl,...

  • How To Pick Up Foreign Girls

    How To Pick Up Foreign Girls

    10 years ago

    Some men prefer foreign girls to girls from their own country. They think, "Foreign girls are exciting. Foreign girls know about different ways to make love. Foreign girls talk in a foreign language. That really turns me on, as long as it's not...

  • How To Pick Up Virgins

    How To Pick Up Virgins

    8 years ago

    Virginity is like the common cold. It doesn't kill people. It just makes them miserable. There are so many things you can't do around virgins. Bear these things in mind when you are picking up a virgin. You will not be able to do them. You will...

  • How to Pick Up Angry Girls

    How to Pick Up Angry Girls

    6 years ago

    Aggressive girls can be exciting, too. There are many questions you can have fun answering with an aggressive girl. Are you stronger than she is? Is public humiliation really important to her, or is it just a hobby? Can you both be on top at the...

  • How To Pick Up Artistic Girls

    How To Pick Up Artistic Girls

    10 years ago

    Artistic girls all have long hair and sunken cheekbones and hate it when you use the words "pecker" and "unguent", especially in the same sentence. So if you want to pick up artistic girls, never do that. Artistic girls like to discuss brush...

  • How To Pick Up Shy Girls

    How To Pick Up Shy Girls

    10 years ago

    Shy girls can be animals. I bet you are surprised to read that. But it is true. Shy girls frequently have enormous reservoirs of pent-up sexual energy locked deep within the chasms and crannies of their being. When released, that energy can...

  • 3

    How To Pick Up Drunk Girls

    4 years ago

    The wonderful thing about drunk girls is that they will believe anything you tell them. You can tell them, "The earth is made of beef jerky," and they will believe you. You can tell them, "I am the heir to the throne of all the Russias," and they...

  • Five Ways to Impress a Total Stranger Over the Phone

    Five Ways to Impress a Total Stranger Over the Phone

    10 years ago

    Picking up girls isn't something that you have to do in person, you know. Why do you think Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone? Just so you could call out for pizza? First, if you are a pig yourself, you can hide it from the girl until...

  • How To Be A Wine Snob

    How To Be A Wine Snob

    10 years ago

    You should know how to tell the two different "connoisseurs" apart: Oenophile. These are the experts on wine who study the process, principles, and making of wine. They buy very expensive bottles of rare wines, and can taste the difference...

  • From Out of Nowhere

    From Out of Nowhere

    8 years ago

    how did it happen, it came from nowhere like a whisper of passion out of thin air it ignited a spark which grew into a flame all of a sudden without any care how can something that seems so wrong, feel so right? how can something from so impossible...

  • Extra Mile

    Extra Mile

    8 years ago

    the sadness in my eyes betrays the way I feel hurt so deep so numb, so surreal i've given my all whatever could help i gave 'til i bled i sacrificed self a glimmer of hope revealed in an innocent smile just to do what's right i'd walk an extra mile

  • Streets of Abandon

    Streets of Abandon

    8 years ago

    As shadows fall and darkness consumes the city Life on the wild side ain't so pretty Differences of wrong and right becomes less clear Nameless faces pass by, eyes filled with fear Young girl wants to be a woman but she's only thirteen Sold herself...

  • An Ode to Forums

    An Ode to Forums

    8 years ago

    Reality can seem so far away As the night melts into day Sea of lost souls and strange faces Searching blindly in stranger places Mirror image of a shattered dream Fleeting thoughts while silence screams Surrounding darkness or blinding light One...

  • Color Blind

    Color Blind

    8 years ago

    An inability to distinguish between certain colors is termed color blindness. The colors seen by normal eyes are the result of combinations of three primary colors: red, green and blue. Each of these colors is detected by a particular type of nerve...

  • Telephone Etiquette

    Telephone Etiquette

    10 years ago

    Many people don't realize that there is a certain code of etiquette to be observed when speaking on the telephone.

  • Funeral Etiquette

    Funeral Etiquette

    10 years ago

    When someone dies, it is wiser to appoint a close relation or friend to handle the funeral arrangements, as the immediate family are generally too distraught to do so. The person in charge should advise any members of the family and close friends...

  • Know Your Wedding Anniversaries!

    Know Your Wedding Anniversaries!

    11 years ago

    The Silver Wedding Anniversary marks the twenty-fifth year of marriage. It is usual to have a family party such as an afternoon tea, dinner or dance. All members of the original wedding party who can be reached should be included. Invitations may be...

  • Wine Etiquette

    Wine Etiquette

    10 years ago

    People's tastes in wine differ, but you won't be thought completely ignorant if you follow these basic rules: The general rule is to serve red wines with meat dishes and game, claret with lighter meats. Contrary to public opinion, it is...

  • American Idol

    American Idol

    10 years ago

    American Idol, launched on US television in June 11, 2002 was a spinoff from the British reality program Pop Idol, created by Simon Fuller which first aired in the United Kingdom in 2001. The object of the show is to to discover a new solo musical...


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