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By nature I am an introvert. They say introverts are more prone to develop fewer relationships with people, but these are particularly special ones. We tend to endulge in the "why and how" instead of the "what" aspects of conversation and thinking. So forgive me when I say I have no amazing biography about how my favorite color is green or how I have an amazing cat. Anyways, I rather know why the world is this way. How people connect and interact. Subjects about: philosophy, epistemology, ontology, etc. reign my to read list naturally. As well theories about creation and history forbidden from the text books interest me. Every day for me is a battle to improve myself: mentally, physically, and spiritually. As far as religion resides, I have none. As far as ideologies resides, I associate with Buddhism. I am open to discussion on any topic or range, but for this to happen please be honest and forward.

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