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Hi, I'm Myrko.

I'm in the field of personal development for over 12 years now. Since 2008 I'm running Personal Development that Transforms at myrkothum.com (formerly awakeblogger.com).

Personal Development that Transforms

"Personal Development that Transforms" means real and lasting change. If you are committed to improving yourself, I am committed to helping you to be the best you can be.

I developed a 7-Step System for Personal Development and I'm constantely in the process of improving and finetuning it. So maybe I get new insights here!

Stay in Contact

If you like what you see feel free to jump on my free personal development newsletter which starts with a (free) 5-Day introduction course from me. If you want to keep up with my work, please consider subscribing my RSS feed over at myrkothum.com.

Personally you can get in contact with me via twitter and facebook and google+.

I'm really looking forward to connect with you here on hubpages!

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