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Hello fellow hubbers, its great to be here. My real name is Fran Hafey, my pen name and spiritual name is Mystiblu. I've used this name online for many years and have a large network of things that I do with a big website, spiritual discussion groups, blogs, myspace, twitter and now facebook and google+1.

I want to share, my first book is now published!! Please go to, A Season of Love to order your own copy! My book is called, "A Season of Love!" A book of inspiration, daily thoughts and tons of love!

I'm a down to earth (most of the time) country girl from Kentucky, lived in Virginia most of my life, who loves to write. My writing has helped me to heal and I love sharing because I've had others say it helps them too. I write to inspire and motivate people, to help them find out more about themselves and live a positive life. I'm a Spiritual Consultant, Relaxation Therapist, Reiki Healer, Writer/Author, Sensitive and Energy/Lightworker. I love working with people and animals.

I love living in the country, I love trees, gardening, animals, especially dogs and birds and I'm an amateur photographer, website/webpage creator, discussion group facilitator, flute player, Spiritualist, envionmentalist, human and animal rights activist and paranormalist. I enjoy going out on paranormal investigations and documenting what I find. I love to laugh and make others laugh, so some of my writings may be a bit on the humorous side on occasion. :)

I love wolves, angels, faeries, lighthouses, crystals and stones, plants and sitting outside on the swing enjoying wildlife and listening to the quiet of the country. My three kids are grown with children of their own and we visit as often as we can, but talk on the phone and text a lot. :)

I write about nature, the country, the old days, animals, positive energy, sacred space, beauty, magic, peace, love, my life experiences, how to help ourselves and others, green topics and self help topics. Now and then I write helpful hints articles about gardening, life in general, slowing down, taking care of ourselves, taking time out, being authentic and creating positive energy.

I love looking at all the things people write about, it's quite inspiring. I hope you will look me up at Facebook for my main profile under Mysti Blu and also Mystickblue, and A Season of Love, for my Book page. I also have a large website with a Writing page at Mystickblue.com . My blog is fairly new at WordPress called "A Moment with Mysti." I look forward to meeting interesting people and other writers here and helping one another. Check this link to make money too! http://hubpages.com/_join13/profile/Mystiblu ~Peace~

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