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Welcome to the Grotto of Mystic Amy!

I am an energetic, published features writer, editor and media research specialist. This Blog beat includes mystical topics, current events, fiction and advice. Laughing out loud, deep thinking, stimulating thought and insights into the 21st century woman intrigue me along with other societal concerns.I see the Mystic in everyday life. It's always filled with awe, beauty.and pathos.

The "Grotto of Mystic Amy" explores all that is. I hope to raise a few Botox-free eyebrows in the process and cause Sarah Palin's sloppy bun to swivel in a no-no gesture. I've written for various media including the Chicago Tribune, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Sun Newspaper Group and regional magazines and WebZines. I hope to re-discover the mystical in everyday life, delve into civic matters and be serious and silly too. On that note, I wonder why women burnt their bras in the 70s? Didn't they know their bosoms would sag and that they'd lose their priviledge to raise their own children, and they would burn bridges to age-old courtship fun to boot? Oh oops, pardon me for being hip and non-PC, and excuse the Blog design, it needs a makeover but so does Lady Ga-Ga. Now that I am not a stay-at-home mother, privilege thought it was, I continue to receive zero praise nor thanks for my work and still wonder what 2 + 2 equals! Quite seriously, my blog explores the lost mystery of living in awe, the historical impact on our current lives and will trace the sad loss of the feminine mystique. I want to also share some of my fiction and poetry with you as well as essays on the latter topics. I am going to dig until I find diamonds. Get a shovel and let's dig!

Thank you, ~Mystic Amy

Brief Vitae:

Some of the media I've written for include some of these Pulitzer Prize Winners: The Chicago Tribune, the San Diego Union-Tribune, Salon.com, Albuquerque Voice, Daily Journal (Kankakee), The North County TImes, Sun Newspaper Group, The Hearst Group, DM Magazine and a treasure trove of other print and online media.

~Mystic Amy

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