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I'm am an African-American female who is a part time author and bead artist. I started writing when I could form sentences. I would constantly write short stories and poems. When I was in middle school I wrote on the school newspaper and had an article in every issue. During my high school years and college years I didn't write for any student publications because I was too busy trying to be a pre-med major. I continued to write even though I was on the science major track.

In collage as a pre-med student you could take any major you wanted as long as you took the required courses for medical school. Since you didn't have to be a science major I became an African American studies major and also took the required science classes to enter medical school.

After I finished collage, I wasn't ready for medical school so I didn't apply and I started working at a place for head injured people, Not crazy people (not yet) but people who had head trauma. I worked the night shift there and continued to write. I had left one of my tablets at work and one of the patients got a hold of it and read it and said it should be published. I just smiled took my tablet and did nothing about pursuing my writing career..Instead I went to a community collage and started a nursing major.

At a community collage it takes two years to be a nurse if you have all of the prerequisites and I had them so in two years I had my AS degree in Nursing. Ten years after I received my AS degree then I got ;my BSN(Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing). I have been currently working as an RN for the past 20 years which the last eight have been in Home Health as a case manager.

A Home Health case manager is a stressful job and writing relives the stress. I decided to take my writing seriously about two years ago when I started writing a book which will be available at the end of this year or the beginning of next year details later.

I'm also a bead artist who makes various items using seed beads and off loom bead weaving techniques. I have entered different beading contest. In the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads beading contest I have been a finalist twice.

I also like to travel especially driving cross country. I like to visit big cities and large towns. I like driving through the mountains and the forests. They give me inspiration for my writing and for my bead work.

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