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Since I've branched out, I decided to change my profile. Now, we will start with...

1) Science fiction/fantasy/horror ~ movies, TV, art and literature

2) Mythology and legends and folklore... Oh my!

3) Writing: fiction, research, poetry, roleplaying, Alter Egoing aka RPing through letters

4) Sketching: My illustrations have been published in many fanzines, including novels. They have been featured on front and back covers, from here in the States to New Zealand.

5) Reading: I read a wide variety of literature but am drawn most to science fiction, fantasy and horror. I read fiction, non-fiction and poetry. I love to do research, whether through books or on the Internet, which has helped me keep my skills sharpened.

6) Reenactment events: I'm a 15-year veteran of Renaissance and medieval faires and fur trade era Rendezvous and encampments. I attend in garb (costumes), most of which I've hand-sewn. Through these events, I learned to do beadwork of various types, wreath-making and other crafty things.

7) Music: I love many types of music, especially the Sixties, folksongs/traditional, ethnic, Heavy Metal/hard rock (mainly up to the Eighties), classical, some opera, Big Band, and old-style bluegrass. I DO NOT like C&W (with extremely few exceptions), rap, hiphop, and most contemporary performers (I won't call them singers). Yes, I'm very opinionated about music~and movies~and, well, practically everything.

8) Music, too: I play the bowed psaltery, a somewhat rare instrument. I not only had to teach myself but also had to relearn to read music because I'd forgotten how to do that. At one time, I had a repertoire of 500 songs, but flareups of illnesses reduced my ability to play for a very long time. When I tried recently, I found that I still recalled many songs, so there's hope for me yet! AND, I had another "gig"~the second one I've been asked to do. You see, harpists tend to ask for too much money, while psaltery players are just so grateful we get to play that we'd practically pay THEM!

Prior to the psaltery, from the time I was about 8 to age 23, I played double keyboard organ (one of those Hammonds with lots of pedals) and was considered quite good. Sadly, having to work in a factory to save money to go back to college, I ended up with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands/wrists. If I played even an hour or so, the pain was crippling. So, I had to sell it and was unable to find another instrument till I started going to Bristol Renaissance Faire, where I encountered the Unicorn Strings bowed psaltery. Bless them! They gave music back to me, the sound of which seems to enchant people.

9) Conventions: Starting in the early Eighties, I began attending SF/genre cons, beginning with the first Space Trek in St. Louis, Missouri. For a number of years, until health problems interfered, I attended two or three each year and met so many wonderful actors, actresses, writers, artists and others, people from "Star Trek" (a number of the original cast members), "Doctor Who" (Tom Baker=favorite Doctor), "Robin of Sherwood" (Michael Praed!), "Beauty and the Beast" (Ron Perlman!), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and more. I miss conventions so much that I'm determined to track down one close enough that even I, puny person that I've become, can go. Oh, to go wallcrawling again, to join in filksinging, to visit in looooooong autograph lines, to sit in lobbies and chat! *sigh**bliss*

Quite a lot of my activity on the Net is focused on identying movies for people at a number of sites, including Yahoo!Answers Movies; What's That Movie? here on HubPages; and IMDb's I Need to Know.

I'm a third-generation film buff who has managed to live past six-tenths of a century in spite of what Mother Nature has done to me. In that time, I have viewed innumerable movies, new and old, loving the majority. How many have I seen? I've actually considered starting a list, but that would be the dullest HubPage ever, don't you think? It would be a verrrrrrrrry long list!

I love solving movie mysteries and dredging through my memories for answers. I also enjoy trivia and am addicted to collecting movie quotations. So far, I have only two hubs, but I might try more..It's possible that they won't even be about movies! How about cats?! Yes, I am THE crazy cat lady!

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