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I love to be like a breeze. No intention, no particular direction, but just cool, making others too to feel cool and good.

I don't want to lie completely that writing is my passion and I am just writing to get an outlet. Though I started it as a way to let my depression out (oh, why should I be depressed?), slowly it is turning into my main work of a day.

After resigning my Software Engineer job to take care of my son and to join my husband who got a job in Switzerland, internet turned into an inevitable part of my life, keeping me busy and connected to my world, a world where my friends and family awaits me.

Though I cannot call myself as a successful writer, I have written more than 130 articles in Triond and my earnings oscillates between $1 to $100. For the month September 2010, I earned $120 from Triond alone, where as my total contribution was just 7 articles in that month.

This boosted my moral and I set off in search of other writing options and here I am, in my hubpages.

P.S. Hey I earned $188 for the month of October 2010 from Triond. Proof of earnings, this way to go....

Click here to join triond - Triond - Write and Publish

And special thanks to each and everyone of hubnugget team and to friends who voted me. I was selected 3 times as hubnuggets wannabe and won all the 3 times. Three Cheers to Hubpages :-)

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