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  • Reward Redemption  317-565-1320

    Reward Redemption 317-565-1320

    6 years ago

    Recent Reward Redemption automated telephone message. Since I have received multiple phone calls over the last few days, I figured they might need something out here detailing a little more what the caller is doing with their automated system.

  • Sorting Through My Mind

    Sorting Through My Mind

    6 years ago

    Sometimes I feel like a teenager going through the angst of not understanding life or my purpose within it. When I do, sometimes I end up writing a piece that thumps me down into the middle of my wandering mind. It is practice, of sorts, in finding meaning and structure in places where the mind...

  • Perilous Steps

    Perilous Steps

    6 years ago

    Dark of night Moon Spun light Glinting off stars at my feet Scattered upon desert sands Silk between my toes, tingling Carefully spaced steps Fear couched in the stopping I push onward... Blink, and realize Motion less time Too late, I am...

  • Wish It Had Been For Me

    Wish It Had Been For Me

    6 years ago

    Wish it had been for me The things I thought seen Hidden messages Revealing hearts and minds The things I thought known Secret moments Touching deep inside The things I thought believed Another of myself Treasures I could keep The things I...

  • Loves Bare Reflection

    Loves Bare Reflection

    6 years ago

    A crowded room she moves weaving across the floor she meets and greets I watch her mesmerizing gestures enchanting beguiling every graceful flow she knows as if she is aware that she is naked beneath her clothes and her body a humble temple for the...

  • 951-662-9712 Scammers

    951-662-9712 Scammers

    7 years ago

    951-662-9712: Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter your winning code 3746 to claim your FREE $1000 BestBuy gift card within 24hrs. I guess I am the only one who gets annoyed that “They” have the right to utilize my...

  • MzChaos Messed Up Fairytales

    MzChaos Messed Up Fairytales

    7 years ago

    Life as art and craft becomes the base line for the stories of our life. The theme in mine has been fairy tales for some time. This article is a sharing of different aspects and quotes from authors I admire.

  • Empty Pockets

    Empty Pockets

    7 years ago

    This is based on a real episode in my life and some of the feelings that arose from it. It was difficult to write due to the emotional content and very much real.

  • The Gift of Serenity

    The Gift of Serenity

    7 years ago

    This is a creative writing piece manufactured from some real life pieces. It was a joy to write and I hope it resonates with some.

  • Little Italy San Diego

    Little Italy San Diego

    7 years ago

    This was an article I was commissioned to do that was rejected so I posted it to HubPages where it might still be enjoyed. It talks about the little italy district in california and was a joy to write.

  • Fraudulent Microsoft Support Calls

    Fraudulent Microsoft Support Calls

    7 years ago

    Hub is regarding new fraud activity using Microsoft technical support as it platform. This is a warning hub for users so they are informed of this type of fraudulent activity and are therefore better prepared to deal with the calls.

  • GenCon!  Nothing says GenCon like butt crack and gamers funk

    GenCon! Nothing says GenCon like butt crack and gamers funk

    7 years ago

    Sharing some pictures from 2012 GenCon and making my usual commentary on the butt crack and gamers funk phenomenon. Just one of my usual slice of life pieces. I love GENCON!!!

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Beasts of the Southern Wild

    7 years ago

    This is my take on the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. Chocked full of lessons and metaphors and strength of the human spirit.

  • A Question of Birth

    A Question of Birth

    7 years ago

    This is a creative piece of writing I was playing with. It is one woman's search for her identity after a series of dreams indicates to her that answers will be found in her genetics. In order to do that, she will have to wade through the secrecy of her birth time, when being bought at birth was...

  • Symbols:   Translating Dreams and the World

    Symbols: Translating Dreams and the World

    7 years ago

    This is a short list of symbols that show up in dreams and what their possible meanings are...based on universal interpretations. All dreams are individual messages for the dreamer, so interpretation will vary based on the person dream.

  • Colorado Calling:    503-902-8291

    Colorado Calling: 503-902-8291

    18 months ago

    This is a post regarding recent harrassing telephone calsl I have been getting from an auto dialer. After 3 calls in one day, I wrote the hub mostly to vent my frustration.

  • Lame By Any Other Name

    Lame By Any Other Name

    7 years ago

    Observations from an evening at the Cornerstone Cafe. My usual slice of life commentary.

  • The Holographic Universe:  Child's Play

    The Holographic Universe: Child's Play

    7 years ago

    Cutting edge quantum science and neurophysiology is excited about explaining how our world works through the use of holograms. It's a fascinating subject for those involved in tinkering with the possibilities available when a holographic model is...

  • Uniform Traffic Ticket (ID:8)   SCAM:

    Uniform Traffic Ticket (ID:8) SCAM:

    7 years ago

    This appears to be one of the newer (old) scams circulating the internet. It has an attachment so please don't open it. As far as I can tell it comes in as if you have commited some sort of traffic violation, in this case speeding. Since I hadn't...

  • Living in a United State (Metaphorically Speaking)

    Living in a United State (Metaphorically Speaking)

    6 years ago

    My thoughts often toward a metaphysical and spiritual slant which can sometimes lead to musings that venture into what, for me, is untried territory. One of these thoughts which lingers is that I was born into a united state, not just the United...

  • Circle of Time

    Circle of Time

    6 years ago

    This is a crreative writing piece that emerged from a game of ShadowRun. It starts as Dungeons and Dragons, melds into some real life dream work that I do, and then plummets into the world of ShadowRun.

  • Amazing News Stories (I Never Hear About)

    Amazing News Stories (I Never Hear About)

    7 years ago

    I wrote an article the other day about a 4 year old getting shot in a liquor store. The big question was how did this boy get the gun. I thought the irony of the story was that nobody asked why he was in a liquor store to begin with. I wanted to...

  • Working From Home: Trials and Tribulations

    Working From Home: Trials and Tribulations

    7 years ago

    This is a list of my recommendations for do's and don't's when trying to set yourself up for a home based business. Whether you are working for someone else or self employed, you need to consider your nature and slot time to actually do the work.

  • 4 Year Old Shoots Self In Liquor Store

    4 Year Old Shoots Self In Liquor Store

    7 years ago

    Perhaps I am used to taking a look at what we call reality and asking a few more questions than the average person. Or, maybe I am just tuned in to the ridiculous. A 4 year old boy shoots himself in the head in a liquor store in Chicago. And, I...

  • The Secret Society of Masticators

    The Secret Society of Masticators

    7 years ago

    My attempt at humor and the word mastication since it can often become confused with the word masturbation which is a whole other arena. I sometimes have amusing thoughts which I try to share creatively...this is one of those.

  • Exhausting My Resources

    Exhausting My Resources

    6 years ago

    I am exhausted. I look around at everything I am doing. The myriad of proverbial pies that I have my fingers in, and the pile of clothes laying on my lounge. There is a load in the dryer. I can't even make myself go get. What would be the point?...

  • Collapsing Time In a Perceptual World

    Collapsing Time In a Perceptual World

    6 years ago

    Like sands in the hour glass, or more appropriately...drops of the waterfall. Sexy Women Summer Casual Sleeveless Evening Party Beach Dress Short Mini Dress Buy Now This is...

  • The Stone Buddha

    The Stone Buddha

    7 years ago

    Philosophical writing in regards to finding inner peace. Smacks of Buddhism, think Dalai Lama, or other such spiritual practice. Meant to read more as a parable.

  • St. Lucia Daydreaming

    St. Lucia Daydreaming

    7 years ago

    Creative writing piece done about St. Lucia, and getting lost inside ones own thoughts. It is a stand alone piece and not really meant to go with any other writing. It really states alot about how my own mental process goes in regards to my creative writing.

  • Dreams: Breaking Them Down

    Dreams: Breaking Them Down

    6 years ago

    Sample breakdown of a recent dream, including my own process of evaluation and how I use the symbology. It is a straight out interpretation of a dream including the breakdown of dream components.

  • Text Message Scams - Your Credit Card Deactivated

    Text Message Scams - Your Credit Card Deactivated

    7 years ago

    An actual text received on my cell phone regarding my credit card. This is a scam since I have no credit cards. I resent solicitation on my cell phone when I pay for usage, solicitors should be charged for these calls and end users as myself should be given credits back.

  • So, You Want To Do Real Estate!  Do Ya?

    So, You Want To Do Real Estate! Do Ya?

    6 years ago

    This hub is about the trials and tribulations of working in real estate. It's like real estate 101 for people thinking of getting into the business of real estate.

  • The Story Keepers

    The Story Keepers

    7 years ago

    “More than story tellers, we are story keepers.” There is a part of us that already grasps the story that is unfolding in our life. We like to pretend that we have forgotten. We love to hear the chanting of “wake up brother” as if any of...

  • Entrepreneur, Manager, Creative Talent:  Fine Tune Your Destiny

    Entrepreneur, Manager, Creative Talent: Fine Tune Your Destiny

    7 years ago

    I recently listened to a Tony Robbins CD called "Career: Find Your True Gift". I have a history with Mr. Robbins that dates back to the early 1990's. I was visiting my mother in Arizona and just prior to my trip I found Awaken The Giant Within. I...

  • I Had A Dream...Monster Feet

    I Had A Dream...Monster Feet

    6 years ago

    The world of dream interpretation is often filled with pretty metaphors or confusing reference points. Learning to weed through the mix of images, and adding values and descriptions to what the mind has seen becomes nearly an art form. It takes...

  • The Dream Type

    The Dream Type

    7 years ago

    This is a summary of different states of dreaming I have encountered over the years and was able to define for others so they can gain greater insight into their own dream process. Some of the terms have to do with commonly asked dream features like falling and flying.

  • The Master

    The Master

    7 years ago

    Its a parable, a short short about what we see and a bit of commentary. It isn't meant to be heavy, it is meant to be deep.


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