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I'm a full time mother. My boss is my almost two years old son.

I travel with books to a different world far away from the real one.

I've always been interested in writing. I used to write during high school and University years. And now I'm back to it.

I write for my son on his blog that I've created for him:


you are more than welcome to check it out and comment.

And I'm starting my way with Hubpages whenever I'm able to steal some time from my busy days..

Thank you for checking out my profile and hope you'll enjoy reading me.

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  • Chocolate Cake With Creme Caramel

    Chocolate Cake With Creme Caramel

    7 months ago

    What's the perfect topping for a chocolate cake? The answer is creme caramel! This is for the sugar lovers in your life.

  • Do Babies See Things We Don't!

    Do Babies See Things We Don't!

    6 years ago

    An interesting question and I’ve always been wondering about it. Some say angels surround babies, and some say they get visits from spiritual souls, or even dead people. Call me crazy but in a way I believe in...

  • Ants in My Honey

    Ants in My Honey

    7 years ago

    Hello all, I just thought I would share with you this yucky incident that happened to me this afternoon. Sorry in advance if you’ll be disgusted by the pictures, but I thought I will show it so that you will be extra...

  • How to Create User Accounts in a Workgroup

    How to Create User Accounts in a Workgroup

    7 years ago

    If you want to share folders, files and printers on a home or small office network and your computers are on a workgroup and not a domain then each computer needs to have the same username and password. So each...

  • My first earthquake experience

    My first earthquake experience

    6 years ago

    It started June 2009 when it came through my mind the idea of going to this foreign country Chile for physiotherapy for my son. He's been diagnosed since 6 months old that he has a developmental delay. And when he...