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My name is Nara White Owl and I was born in Southern California. I have many interests in my life. I now live in Central California. I'm a Master Instructor for the Crystal Awareness Institute and am certified to teach all eight levels. I have been working with crystals and color stones for the pass 30 years. I do fine that teaching other how to use crystals and color stones is wonderful. I enjoy seeing other learning how to make they life's better. I have traveled throughout the United States and have been a key note speaker in Brazil as well as Hong Kong, Mexico and the United States. I'm also a Hot Stone Therapist. Hot stone massage is great fun for me. I have people come with some much stress and are you going to have me done on time have a hundred things to do. At the end of 1 1/2 hours it makes my smile to hear I thing I'll go home and just rest for the day. The best is very one laughing again. It warms the heart of all. Among my interests is a love of making Pine Needle Baskets. It is always fun to see how each pine needle basket is going to turn out.

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  • Dowsing For Beginners

    Dowsing For Beginners

    5 years ago

    Dowsing for beginners is usually greeted with a myriad of questions. An often asked question is "what is a dowsing rod or divining rod and how does it work?" The question that should be asked is "What is dowsing?" ...

  • Pine Needle Baskets by Nara White Owl

    Pine Needle Baskets by Nara White Owl

    4 years ago

    I began making pine needle baskets with the simple statement "I could never do that". Hundreds of pine needle baskets later my simple statement has now become "I could never go long without making baskets." Its true -...