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It's always a bit of a foreign feeling to me when I'm asked to describe myself, be it in writing or in speech. "Tell me a bit about yourself" is my least favorite phrase when interviewing for new jobs. It just seems such an odd thing to do, but perhaps it stems from the fact that I am moderately introverted. I've always held that I am better at listening than I am at speaking, and I certainly have no delusions of grandeur about my lackluster conversation skills. Despite the fact that it occurs on a daily basis, engaging in small talk is a puzzling activity which constantly eludes my grasp. Generally these types of conversations end with me retreating into the sanctity of my head after a few trades of banter, a discontented sigh from the other party followed swiftly by a trademark awkward silence. In writing, I primarily deal in technical style and objective tone wherever possible, resulting in little personal content. Perhaps one day I'll be more comfortable talking about myself, but for now I shall provide the essentials as they pertain to my presence on HubPages:

I am a University student studying physics, a field I chose after some trial and error with other studies. I decided to endure the very real possibility of drastically reduced paychecks in the future and years of intensive studying in order to to become a physicist. Not because I have some feeling of nobility in making a sacrifice like this. It's actually not a sacrifice at all in my mind, because my reasoning behind this decision is simple: I love studying physics (and science in general). I also enjoy sharing knowledge with others, and strive to be like many outstanding authors before me in making such knowledge accessible to anyone, regardless of education or prior knowledge. The world is a big, beautiful place, and viewed with a science-tinted looking glass, it only gets better.

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