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Update 2013:
For the past few years of living and learning, I have come to many realizations, the biggest one being the problem of aging. Check out my latest article which attempts to summarize past, current, and future progress in aging research.

Update: 2011:
For 16 years, I had been a Christian due to my lack of knowledge, my conditioned hatred towards Atheists and Muslims, and my mentally abusive peers during my middle school years.
For 2 years after escaping the confounds of lies and deceit, I am actively working to promote science and other studies of reality in order to help those unable to question their conditioned faith and most importantly of all, to help promote free thinking.
We no longer live in times of superstition due to our lack of knowledge. We have the way - just take it.
"The World Does Not Conform To Our Wants And Desires"
~ Carl Sagan
"Faith is Believing in What You Know Ain't True"
~ Mark Twain

I major in Biology Major at George Mason University hoping to cure the impossible - Aging. We aren't too far actually due to the Human Genome Project and many technological advances. I think in less than 50 years, this secret will finally be cracked.

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