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My name is Paul Boland BVSc MRCVS. I am a Partner and one of the Veterinary Surgeons at Alder Veterinary Hospital (www.aldervethospital.co.uk).

I have also just started my own website (www.naturalhealthvet.com). My aim for this site is to increase awareness of new, innovative and natural products to help to promote natural health in dogs, cats and horses. I have now found a range of all natural products that encourage the body to release millions more stem cells. These products are manufactured by a company called Stemtech and the range includes StemPets, StemEquine and StemEnhance. I successfully use these products in my practice with fantastic results. I have also developed my own joint care product called JointNatural as I have not been able to find a product that had all the ingredients necessary for the best possible joint care. Finally I have been using a range of bee propolis products that are sourced entirely naturally.

I want my site to be a forum for pet owners and a place where I can share all the knowledge that I have built up over the last 20 years with you, whilst showing how and why I use natural products in my practice every single day of the year.

During my Veterinary studies I learnt a lot about how to treat animals under my care in the traditional manner of using pharmaceutical products as the first and only option. As a pet lover and an expert in dog breeding as well as a vet I have seen many of the negative side effects that long term use of pharmaceuticals can lead to. This has always been a concern to me and approximately ten years ago I started to research natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I now reach for natural products before even considering the pharmaceutical alternative now. These not only have very few side effects but are also much cheaper for my clients.

My clients continue to be very happy with the results I have had and I will continue to investigate further alternatives as I go along.

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