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  • Yemen, the paradise on the earth001

    Yemen, the paradise on the earth001

    6 years ago

    Yemen is a Muslim Arabic country which is located in the western south of the Arabic peninsula . it is surrounded by water from two directions: west and south which gives it wonderful beaches . there are many historical and beautiful places you...

  • It is not always true what you think

    It is not always true what you think

    6 years ago

    Once, at an airport, there was a lady waiting for her flight, but she got bored with waiting. So she bought some biscuits and a book to read. She was sitting on a seat next to a man with a packet of biscuits between them. She started reading and...

  • Test Anxiety

    Test Anxiety

    6 years ago

    Most students over the world suffer from a feeling of nervousness, uncertainty, and fear to fail in tests or exams. This state of unease or as it is called ‘’ Test Anxiety’’ can negatively affect the candidates sitting for exams as well as...

  • Academic vs. Non-academic Writing Styles -010

    Academic vs. Non-academic Writing Styles -010

    6 years ago

    Writing style is one of the most important aspects in writing. It is the manner in which an author chooses to write to specific audience or readers. A style signifies the writer's personality and voice toward the readers. Among the different styles...

  • The answer  lies in Chocolate, Family, and Electron

    The answer lies in Chocolate, Family, and Electron

    6 years ago

    Many questions have been asked about some different matters about Islam and its bases. It is a fact when one asks something, they need a good and wise answer to believe it. I am going to mention some of such questions with their wise responses about...

  • The right path

    The right path

    6 years ago

    Let’s hear the story from her I was living in an old Jewish house in America. After my parents were separated, I had to live with my step-mother from who I suffered a lot. I escaped and left the house while I was seventeen. I travelled from a...

  • As an Educator, How Will You Respond?

    As an Educator, How Will You Respond?

    6 years ago

    Teachers and educators play a great role in the class room as well as in the education process. As it has been mentioned in my article, the most important aspect for educators or teachers is to know their students well. Students’ needs are...

  • The Weirdest Tree on the Earth

    The Weirdest Tree on the Earth

    7 years ago

    It is said that this tree appeared on the surface of Earth around 50 million years ago. It is found on Socotra, a Yemeni Island, which has become a natural reserve due to the rare animals and plants it has. Dam AL-Akhwein Tree – the brothers’...

  • As a Teacher, What Should You Avoid?

    As a Teacher, What Should You Avoid?

    7 years ago

    It is clear that learning happens only when there is a change in learners. This change can be a new knowledge for them, a realizable change in behavior, gaining a skill in some areas …. It is also obvious that teachers have a great role in making...

  • Writing Process

    Writing Process

    7 years ago

    Whether knowing it or no, writing process goes through certain steps which successfully lead to the final draft. To step forward to an effective piece of writing, writers have to tackle with certain stages and skills that drive them towards their...

  • Zurbyan in the Yemeni Way

    Zurbyan in the Yemeni Way

    7 years ago

    Ingredients 1 Kilo of rice ( Basmati or Mazah Rice) Meat or Chicken 2 big heads of onion 3 big potatoes 7 garlic cloves Yoghurt Zrbyan spices ( cumin, black pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves ) Salt Instructions Prepare the...

  • Beehive Snacks

    Beehive Snacks

    7 years ago

    Beehive is a famous snack in Arabic World. It is easy to make, fast and tasty. In addition, there is no need to worry about the ingredients. They are all available. Here is the recipe for that. Ingredients 3 cups of white flour. 1 cup of sugar...

  • ESL: Teaching Through Testing

    ESL: Teaching Through Testing

    7 years ago

    As it is known that learning happens only when there is a change in learners, the change in ESL learning is acquiring new language. There are many varied methods for teachers to use during teaching. ESL teachers can also teach through tests. Testing...

  • Common Errors in Writing

    Common Errors in Writing

    7 years ago

    As we all know that English is a language o be acquired rather than a subject to be studied. It is a unit of different skills that should be integrated together when learning it. ESL learners may face some problems with some of these skills due to...

  • EL Theory and Practice

    EL Theory and Practice

    7 years ago

    I am going here to discuss the answer of the following questions : How can English be presented in classrooms ? What is the theory of acquiring it? Or in other words, How can English be exposed to learners? What learning habits do they need to form?...

  • How to Get High Grades at College

    How to Get High Grades at College

    7 years ago

    When you read my title , you may think that I am going to talk about studying hard, memorizing , overloading ,….. . In fact it is all strategies you set yourself . You may feel worried about tests , so you will overfill your head with your books...

  • What Makes You a Professional Teacher

    What Makes You a Professional Teacher

    7 years ago

    Have you ever asked yourself “ What makes me a successful and a professional teacher?’’ Well, as we all know , teaching is not easy but it is very interesting job . It may seem easy to study at a university and prepare yourself to be a...


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