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Naturally uneasy about practically every aspect of modern life. Quirky and idiosyncratic, I guess. Seriously unserious. Flowing with creative juices, like a creative orange at the point of squeezing, or any other similarly succulent fruit. Squeeze me.

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  • Rob Schneider or Roy Scheider?

    Rob Schneider or Roy Scheider?

    6 years ago

    What do you say: tomahtoes or tomatoes, potahtos or potatoes, Roy Scheider or Rob Schneider? From the dawn of film-viewing man, one question has briefly crossed the thoughts of at least forty to fifty people around the...

  • 13 great films you may have missed!

    13 great films you may have missed!

    13 months ago

    I know what you are thinking. Why thirteen films, instead of a regular ten? The reason is simple. I don't play by society's rules. Also, this has allowed me to avoid the problem of whether to include comedies in a list...