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Hello, everybody, and welcome to my profile! Let me tell you a little something about myself: I have been an online writer for almost two years now, and I am absolutely loving it! I am enjoying every day of my life, and I would recommend this career path to anybody who wants to be able to work from home, and earn as much or as little as they are capable of :-) If you are interested in finding something more about me and my work, please visit my website called ImagineArticles. I hope that my Lenses will make you laugh and.or think, and I hope that some of them will also make you learn something new. I come from a small but proud country in Europe called Serbia, and I am proud to say that I will be devoting my time and my knowledge to anyone who wants to learn something more about Serbia, as well as the Serbian language. Feel free to browse my Lenses and see whether you can find anything you like.

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  • Is the Serbian Language Hard to Learn?

    Is the Serbian Language Hard to Learn?

    3 years ago

    Why not learn a foreign language, I ask you? I come from Serbia, and I have always been interested in learning foreign languages. I have learned English, as you can see; I have also learned Italian, French, and Latin,...