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    18 English Dog Breeds

    2 months ago

    Discover which dog breeds were developed in England from all the different kennel club categories. Examples include terriers, hounds, toys, and other types of breeds, including the Lancashire Heeler and the Flat-Coated Retriever.

  • 5

    Facts About the German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Breed

    2 months ago

    Here is a brief history of the German Shorthaired Pointer and a look at their temperament, health issues, and where to go if you want to get one.

  • 21

    How to Breed Guinea Pigs

    7 weeks ago

    Find out how long the guinea pig heat cycle is and discover their gestation length. Learn how to successfully mate and breed guinea pigs, and check out some photos of newborns!

  • 9

    Things to Do in Blackpool

    3 years ago

    You can spend a lot of money at Blackpool in Lancashire, but you can also enjoy yourself with some free activities there. This article should help you choose some things to do should you decide to visit the town.

  • 7

    Long Haired Rabbit Care

    10 years ago

    If you are thinking of getting a long haired rabbit, this is a useful guide into what you need to keep them happy and how to care for them. You can also learn how some baby rabbits lose their ears.

  • 3

    Lipomas in Dogs

    10 years ago

    Find out what lipomas are and which dogs are most likely to get them. See the progression of healing from an operation to remove a lipoma on a labrador.

  • 74

    How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Pet Lizard

    7 weeks ago

    Persuade your parents to get a leopard gecko or bearded dragon. Here's how to tackle common objections to pet lizards like "We don't want crickets living in the house" and "Who will look after it when we go on holiday?"

  • 15

    A Guide to the Best Ducks to Keep as Pets

    6 weeks ago

    Suggestions about which duck breeds are most suitable for different purposes. Covers housing, feeding, stocking density, wing clipping, and health of pet ducks.

  • 30

    How to Care for a Syrian (Golden) Hamster

    2 years ago

    This article details essential items which you need to care for your pet Syrian hamster. We'll cover housing, feeding and hamster illnesses, among other topics.

  • 9

    Suicide, Depression and Self Harm

    10 years ago

    Examining the links between self-harm, suicide and depression. A starting point for people looking for support for themselves or a person they know who is self harming.

  • 33

    Do Tongue Piercings Hurt?

    11 months ago

    This article compares the pain of a tongue piercing to pain from tooth extraction and bee stings. It also includes recommendations for faster healing from your tongue piercing.

  • 14

    English Butterflies

    10 years ago

    English butterflies looks at some of the common species of butterfly in England including small tortoiseshell, large white, common blue, speckled wood and painted lady. The usual habitat of each butterfly is also described.

  • Days Out in Lancashire

    Days Out in Lancashire

    6 years ago

    Days out in Lancashire includes Clitheroe, the Mary Townley Loop, Blackpool pleasure beach and Martin Mere. Some options are cheap or even free. All provide an enjoyable day out.

  • 12

    How to Scan Slides

    10 years ago

    Step by step instructions on how to scan 35mm slides with a flatbed scanner such as Canon's CanoScan 5600F.

  • 37

    Plants That Grow on Walls

    9 days ago

    Plants that grow on walls include stonecrop, valerian, campanula and Maidenhair spleenwort. Find out how to get plants to grow on walls and what makes a suitable plant for growing on a wall.

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    A Rabbit Health Check: What to Look out for in your Pet

    10 years ago

    What to look for when you are checking the health of your pet rabbit, including: environment, behaviour and symptoms such as discharge and dandruff

  • 9

    Medicines Derived From Plants

    9 months ago

    Medications considered are aspirin, taxol, quinine, Vinca Alkaloides, digitalis and morphine.

  • 10

    Bumble Bee Nest in my Shed

    10 years ago

    My experience of having a white tailed bumble bee nest in my shed. Bumble bee life cycle, reasons for bumble bee decline and how we can help bumble bees.

  • 24

    Poems about Bees

    10 years ago

    Poems about bees includes samples from English poets such as John Clare and Jean Ingelow and examples from American poets such as David Sullivan and Lee Ann Roripaugh. Overall, American poets tend to have been more interesting in their use of bees in poetry.

  • See Gorillas in England

    See Gorillas in England

    6 years ago

    Where to see gorillas in England highlights five zoos or wildlife parks where there are particularly good exhibits and three others where gorillas can be seen. It also covers gorilla facts and the amazing incident when a gorilla fell into the gorilla enclosure in the island of Jersey.

  • 11

    English Poems about Birds and some Bird Proverbs

    10 years ago

    English proverbs about birds such as a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and English poems about birds from poets such as Wordsworth, Stevenson and Rossetti with birds species including owls, robins, yellowhammers and lapwings

  • 21

    What Does a Dwarf Rabbit Need?

    7 weeks ago

    This article looks at how to house, feed and care for your dwarf rabbit and what health issues are potentially fatal.

  • 3

    English Witches in Theatre

    10 years ago

    Looking at the portrayal of witches in theatre in the 17th century plays and by modern playwrights including the three Witches in Macbeth and the Pendle witches in Devilish Practices.

  • 8

    How to Care for a Potted Amaryllis So That It Blooms Again

    3 weeks ago

    Here are tips and instructions for amaryllis care, along with the information needed to tell the difference between hippeastrum and amaryllis species.

  • 16

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Adopting Older Dogs

    2 months ago

    This article considers the advantages and disadvantages of adopting an older dog and suggests where you might adopt an older dog from.

  • 15

    Yorkshire Dialect

    11 years ago

    Yorkshire dialect looks at some key aspects of the Yorkshire accent as well as some dialect words and phrases which are still in fairly common use such as frame thissen, parky, nowt and tyke. It also covers some regional foods including Yorkshire pudding and parkin.

  • 25

    Adventures with English Dialects – The Lancashire Dialect

    11 years ago

    This article looks at the dialect of Lancashire, especially that used around Burnley in east Lancashire. Including common words such as agate, clough, ginnel teacake and pants and less common words such as fetler, bog-eyed and degged

  • 75

    How to Recover Quickly After Having Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

    6 years ago

    Are you having your wisdom teeth extracted? Based on my own experience with this procedure, I'll share how to prepare, what to expect, and tips for a quick recovery.

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    Which Dog Breed Should I Choose?

    2 months ago

    Which dog breed is best? There are many factors to consider before deciding which breed is right for you and your family. In this article, we will discuss these factors, and then we will consider seven different breed groups.

  • 19

    How Can I Tell if My Dog Is Playing or Fighting?

    2 months ago

    You don't want your dog to be fighting! Learn the signs to help you figure out whether your dog is playing or fighting.

  • 7

    Tips for Successfully Adopting and Re-Homing a Dog

    2 months ago

    Adopting a dog into the family is an important decision for both you and the new pup; ensure the transition is smooth and happy with these tips.


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