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Welcome to the first-ever Jimmy Neutron Revival project on the internet! This hubpages account is an extension of my project. I will use this site to post Jimmy Neutron-related hubpages.

Mission Statement: Jimmy Neutron was one of Nick's finest educational programs that inspired and encouraged people of all ages to pursue careers in math and science, which is greatly needed in a constantly-changing world.Jimmy Neutron also taught children the value of respect and owning up to one's mistakes. Jimmy and his friends respected their parents and valued each other's friendship. Through the Jimmy and Cindy and Sheen and Libby pairings, we learned about relationships, which is a normal part of puberty and growing up. There were real-life situations that could be applied to everyday normal life. It was a show that engaged young minds to think and made learning fun.

My mission is to convince Nickelodeon that Jimmy Neutron not only deserves to be back on the air for another season but is still very much needed on this network. We need Nickelodeon to know how much of an impact this series has made on so many people's lives and how much this show means to everyone.

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