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I'm a software engineer by trade although right now I don't work in that field anymore.

Right now, I run my own company with my wife and hope that we don't become one of those statistics that goes down as didn't make it past the first year".

My wife, Penny and I live in northern France and I have five guitars, a drum kit and spend my time writing and designing clocks and the occasional web page.

I write because I have to and writing hubs has been a challenge I don't exercise often enough.

My hubs have done bugger-all in ages, though my interest in writing is growing all the time. It's like an entropic reaction - the more I do, the more I want or need to do, but coming up with the subject matter is becoming more difficult.

Therein lies the challenge...

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      • Copied Hubs

        Copied Hubs

        3 years ago

        True, I've reproduced some of my hubs in other places, but many of them I unpublished too. However, one or two of my hubs I have noticed have been copied and I either cannot find any trace of this when following the...

      • Advice please

        Advice please

        7 years ago

        I have been a member here for about eleven months, but have only got serious about HP in the last six weeks or so.Nevertheless, my articles are receiving no more than a handful of hits on a daily or even monthly basis,...

      • Can accolades be removed?

        Can accolades be removed?

        7 years ago

        If so, why and would that entail being given a reason?I ask as I had an accolade for helping new hubbers and highlighting bad posts, but now it's gone -- the "" sign.Yesterday it was there and today it...

      • Pictures


        7 years ago

        I like the fact that pictures can be right aligned, but we can't align them side by side. I have tried this and all it will do is leave empty space to the left and pile them one atop the other.Is there any possibility...

      • I want to start the challenge tomorrow

        I want to start the challenge tomorrow

        8 years ago

        I have already created a bunch - eight actually, but to be fair, they shouldn't count. Anyway, now I have the hang of them, I'll start tomorrow at 8:am BST