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  • Singing Dad's Song

    Singing Dad's Song

    5 weeks ago

    When a musician friend's dad passed away, he asked if I could try to write lyrics to a song for him. It ended up more like a poem, but I still like how it came out.

  • The Well

    The Well

    2 months ago

    I wrote this on Father’s Day around 2010. They are actually song lyrics that I would like to have put to music. I decided to upload it to Hub Pages after my son penned an amazing tribute to me on my Birthday. The whole time I read what he wrote, I though of this.

  • Dad Was Different

    Dad Was Different

    2 months ago

    Unique among men to say the least, Dad followed in nobody’s footsteps.

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    Boots to Boots

    8 months ago

    As a triplet parent and step dad to three adult kids who have given us 6 grandkids with #7 on the way, I thought I could handle anything. Then my son went to Navy Boot Camp.

  • She is Autumn

    She is Autumn

    12 months ago

    So here’s so real transparency into my mind. I wrote this when I was about 21. Pretty sure I never shared it, but I have always had it memorized

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    El Salvador Mission Trip 2013

    8 years ago

    The Woods Church

  • Gay and Christian: Can you be both?

    Gay and Christian: Can you be both?

    10 years ago

    A few years ago, there was much buzz at my church about an upcoming proposal in our state. The push among our congregation was less about promoting a stance as it was about making sure people got out and voted for this very important issue. We...

  • Three days of Hope

    Three days of Hope

    11 years ago

    The Hope Center in Macomb County Michigan is a client choice food pantry that allows clients to shop aisles for free once a month for six months. The Hope Center of Macomb Set up like a grocery store, the Hope Center has become the charity of choice...

  • May the Best Car WIn

    May the Best Car WIn

    12 years ago

      On the way to Milford Proving Grounds for the "May the Best Car Win Challenge", I wondered how worthy this event would be for an amateur guy like me. As a busy father of three young children, just having the chance to drive alone in my new G8...

  • My Lion

    My Lion

    13 years ago

    The transition from elementary school to Jr. High was not something I feared. I had plenty of close friends and we were all making the transition together. So when I entered seventh grade, I went about that first day much like any other; feeling...

  • Easter Sunday and Kids

    Easter Sunday and Kids

    13 years ago

    I wrote this after Easter Sunday 2007. I came across it recently and figured I'd post it. Easter Sunday. Big day. As a family that finds a way to run late no matter what each Sunday, we vow to get up early and make it to church early so we can get...

  • Stories by Dad

    Stories by Dad

    13 years ago

    Dad never failed to put together some great stories. They would get him out of trouble, help him get his way, and simply entertain. His impromptu stories were a highlight of my childhood and prompted this creative writing for an English class.

  • Finishing the Story

    Finishing the Story

    3 months ago

         Awakening her emotions, maybe even enough for a night out, the shower felt like a good idea. Feeling pretty for a change, she thought she just might be getting through the pain or, at least, starting to. Accompanied by a long-forgotten...

  • Twas the weeks before Christmas

    Twas the weeks before Christmas

    13 years ago

     I try to do a new one each year. This one I did for our church. It includes some references that you might not understand, so for clarity:  Our pastor used to have a '71 Vette and speaks of it fondly. Another pastor, Dave, got on the senior...

  • Christmas Somewhere else

    Christmas Somewhere else

    13 years ago

    An old house sits on the corner It's white paint peeling away Standing in rows, as the winter wind blows Battered crops sleep dormant until May   Drifts pile high to the barn To clear them would be no use The shack remains bare, filled with...

  • 86%, but you Might Never Know it

    86%, but you Might Never Know it

    13 years ago

          I believe as much as many American Christians that God should never be excluded from things like our currency and Pledge of Allegiance.  I also agree that the birth of Jesus should be the direct meaning to Christmas just as Easter should...

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    One More Lap Please: A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt

    2 months ago

         You chose to root for a champion with a record and reputation that earned him such a namesake.      I chose to root for a popular name and a black car.      You defended this man as a man would defend his family. Your devotion...

  • You are a Leader

    You are a Leader

    13 years ago

         One spring morning, my kids were playing in the front yard while enjoying one of the first nice days of the season. At some point, my attention turned to the lawn of my neighbor. You see, it was still very early in the season, but his lawn...

  • 4


    2 months ago

    After a rough night with triplet infants, they had finally settled in as my “shift” went well past midnight. I sat down on the rocker in the nursery and, as tired as I was, I felt compelled to pen some perspective.

  • Beyond Merry Christmas

    Beyond Merry Christmas

    4 years ago

         Every year at this time, there comes the inevitable holy war. The great debate. The Yuletide divide. I'm talking about Merry Christmas being replaced with Happy Holidays. If it were only that, it would be more tolerable. However, it is more...

  • Voices from the Bottom Row: A View from within GM

    Voices from the Bottom Row: A View from within GM

    4 years ago

    I read a lot about the public perception of the autoworkers. Since the comments I read are often repeated, I can only surmise that a lot of people are very interested in talking about work dynamics and habits of the typical autoworker. So I decided...

  • The Painter

    The Painter

    12 months ago

    A life well lived can be a blessing, but there are times when we choose the good life at the cost of greater things

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    What a Mess

    13 years ago

         There was an artist at our church recently. She painted during the sermon and the experience led me to rethink some of the ways I’ve been viewing my life lately. At first, I viewed her presence as an easy subject to observe for this...

  • 12

    He's Just a Dog

    13 years ago

    Indy was supposed to be a family pet dog. He became so much more.


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