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Hi! I’m Nicky! My friends call me Nic-i-pedia. I’m the go-to girl for my friends and family and like to be the one to always have the answers. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching tips and tricks to make life easier, helping them to understand difficult topics, and to give people all the information that I can to help them make informed decisions.

I’ve lived a complicated life and have a unique perspective on most things. I’ve overcome disability and rampant abuse, experienced different cultures first hand, and can speak multiple languages. Though I lean towards traditional thoughts and values, I enjoy discussions and debates from all perspectives.

I have three Associates degrees and am close to earning my Bachelors. My Associates are in General Science with emphasis in Biology, Chemistry, and Geology; General Studies with emphasis in English and Math, and a Transfer degree. I have taught piano for 15 years, Catechism and Choir for 10 years, and swimming on and off for over a decade. I enjoy teaching and love sharing my knowledge with others. My favorite game to play while growing up was “School,” where I would attempt to teach my unruly younger sister. Though it wasn’t very productive, I learned early how to work with unwilling students!

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