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My name is Zack, I am an up and coming writer (as I like to call myself) and novelist. I dream to one day be on a writer and creative staff employee for the WWE, as wrestling is a passion of mine.

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  • Naruto Character Review: Orochimaru

    Naruto Character Review: Orochimaru

    5 years ago

    Orochimaru was one of the Legendary Sanin of the Hidden Leaf. He is also one of the most evil people in the Naruto world, and the main villain throughout Part I of the series, and some of Part II. Orochimaru was one...

  • Naruto Character Review: Shikamaru

    Naruto Character Review: Shikamaru

    5 years ago

    I've been dabbling with the idea of whether or not I wanted to do my Shikamaru article so early, because I love his character so much, but I ultimately decided that I don't want to wait because I'm impatient and don't...

  • Naruto Character Review: Sai

    Naruto Character Review: Sai

    5 years ago

    Sai is probably one of my favorite secondary characters, which says a lot because he was introduced very late in the Naruto series. It's hard not to love Sai, though. Honestly, how do you dislike a character who upon...