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It occured to me in the last few weeks while I was inhaling lunch, chugging coffee and entering a new appointment in my bogged down daily-planner; all while driving and talking on the phone to some irritating useless person employed with a government agency that, my life had drastically changed. Here I am in my young-ish adult life experiencing idiosyncratic experiences with people all around and two specific people that I had made the decision to become the full time caretaker. I hold a Masters Degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and find human behavior both facinating and frusrating all in the same breath. I only wish my imagination was creative enough to make these stories up that I am about to share with you. It is true, at one time I had an imagination and that has long been suffocated by quadruple multitasking and advanced orchestrating of doctors appointments, trips to publix and toting my Pup around from house to house. I repeat these stories are not made up.

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