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Hello and welcome!

At first, I am writing merely to earn some living. Slowly, I started to find other useful hubs which help me improve my imperfections in writing (even if I rarely writes). I begin to realize that hubpages is a treasure, there are so many interesting and useful hubs here. I do not just enjoy looking for them that interest me but I also thirst for other hubs that would aid in my quest for other subject matter.

Hoping you would take pleasure reading some of my hubs even if I hide under the alien mask. I appreciate everyone for checking me out.

I believe that if you aim high you can hit the blue sky...

Thanks and regards!

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      • Violations


        6 years ago

        What does it mean containing violations? I have a question answered few years ago and it was only one paragraph. Does this mean violation? You can check this: What is your thought on women with armpit hair?It has the...

      • claiming subdomain but don't work

        claiming subdomain but don't work

        6 years ago

        I received email about the changes that hubpages will have starting august 10. But I can't claim my subdomain even if I have entered correctly my security questions. It just kept asking me the 3 security questions over...