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Born a mistress son and fathered by a shadow. From day one I was fed pain and washed it down with love. Was known by all but unrecognized in plain sight due to the brief encounters. Mysterious in every way, you'll think you know and have figured out but the bottom line is I have yet to. Well known to travels planned but mostly unplanned based on life obsticles and undefined moments. My life was full of drugs love violence uncertainty death and daily struggles. Always a positive person due to hardships past, the worst was always anticipated but embraced for immunity and to widen my SMILE. That's my trademark, the mysterious smile that no one can decide if its anger happiness calm flirtatious or deviant. A man of very few words in normal conversation,unless a well known topic, also very shy to new voices but lack that personality when ink is flowing through my brain to the pad. Known and love to be raw controversial blunt and to walk around with no hair growing on my tongue. So in the words of me, I AM U.

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  • Incarcerated Letter

    Incarcerated Letter

    5 months ago

    Lonely nights, cold, no breeze on my hibernation. Starving pacing back and forth my training camp prepping me, me versus isolation. Freedoms my determination, rejuvenating my image got to change got to retain Gods...