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  • Roman Origins in Assyria

    Roman Origins in Assyria

    10 months ago

    Staring in Babylon the trek across Mesopotamia was bloody, vicious, and rewarding before the Amors landed in Italy and became the Romans.

  • Religious Brainwashing is Child Abuse

    Religious Brainwashing is Child Abuse

    10 months ago

    Children brainwashed from birth to accept religious claims and protocol are being abused. They are not given the chance to develop normally or to have thoughts that may contest the way they're treated.

  • Apostle Peter or Roman Catholic Fraud

    Apostle Peter or Roman Catholic Fraud

    10 months ago

    The New Testament claim that Peter was an apostle of Christ and the rock on which the church is built is a greatly distorted deposition. Peter was a play on Jupiter (i-pita) in Italian and a fake.

  • What Makes a Kid Violent

    What Makes a Kid Violent

    10 months ago

    It is a common issue globally as kids turn ever more violent and the law is at a loss to deal with them. They run wild, use weapons, bully and provoke and are far too knowledgeable for their age than that society can handle. From 10 years up...

  • Aluminium and Alzheimers

    Aluminium and Alzheimers

    15 months ago

    Particles of the metal are released during cooking and aluminium containers may be responsible for Alzheimers as some researches have noted, It may also be the cause of some cancers.

  • Senile Warts

    Senile Warts

    15 months ago

    Age is unavoidable and so are the many conditions and outbreaks of skin problems associated with it. One of the worst is the senile wart and scars that change your face and are a pain for some victims

  • Roast Chicken with Banana Stuffing

    Roast Chicken with Banana Stuffing

    15 months ago

    Gorgeous is the only word to sum up this recipe.

  • Kids Toys

    Kids Toys

    15 months ago

    Kids expect a heap of toys at Christmas and for their birthday. So what are some of the options?

  • Dancing Pets

    Dancing Pets

    15 months ago

    Animals are amazing and their intelligence is unbelievable. They communicate and play through dance and singing. Here are some of their waltzes.

  • Most Haunted Houses

    Most Haunted Houses

    15 months ago

    People love ghosts and stories that scare them. The real ghosts that live at Port Arthur in Australia and in haunted houses are too much for most to tolerate, however, and they appeal to tourists

  • Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

    Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

    15 months ago

    While Halloween is about ghosts there are other ways to know they exist, or not. This lens looks at the mysterious disappearance of things at sea, particularly people. One area of the world where something appears to happen that is unexplainable...

  • Ghost Ships

    Ghost Ships

    15 months ago

    There are unmanned ships floating around sometimes and they can be quite frightening. Those who have to enter one for salvage or security purposes may confront more than they bargained for.

  • Profile of a Bully

    Profile of a Bully

    15 months ago

    They are often hard to spot until one becomes entangled in the clutches of a bully. They are charming and great on the outside but its what they do under the radar that 's often a killer

  • care for kids

    care for kids

    15 months ago

    Children must be watched and protected 24/7. Parents who cant do it themselves need the right tools or carers to help

  • Exercises in Motivation

    Exercises in Motivation

    15 months ago

    There are heaps of things to motivate one every day but many need a little push to find something inspiring to do. So what is missing in their lives that finding the right activity escapes them.

  • Jessica Watson

    Jessica Watson

    15 months ago

    A brave teenager headed out onto the ocean all alone in a little pink boat and sailed around the world. She arrived home to the cheers of millions and Jessica Watson made history.

  • Deadly Genes

    Deadly Genes

    15 months ago

    What we inherit through our genes can be deadly.

  • Australia Knowledge and Quiz

    Australia Knowledge and Quiz

    10 months ago

    This magnificent country is now discovered by tourists from around the globe. Its easy life style and wonderful atmosphere is drawing them in droves. The question on how much they know beforehand.

  • Always is Beyond Comprehension

    Always is Beyond Comprehension

    15 months ago

    We don't have the brain power to appreciate the meaning in the word Always. It's part of our culture that it probably does not exist and yet there is reason to believe that it does. What do you think?

  • Neighbour Bullying

    Neighbour Bullying

    15 months ago

    There is nothing worse than living next door to a bully. When the neighbour from hell moved in next to the author it was terrorism and troubles from the start. The problem is there's no help either.

  • A City Burns - Canberra Fire 2003

    A City Burns - Canberra Fire 2003

    15 months ago

    The city of Canberra was almost surrounded by fire and some suburbs saw many houses burnt to the ground. Some 400 in all were lost and 4 people died. This terrifying experience left scars on many.

  • Plastic is Death

    Plastic is Death

    15 months ago

    Plastic is an insidious killer and destroyer of the planet. Just about everything we need comes in some form of plastic or with plastic wrapping. The trend is unstoppable as super profits are involved

  • Complex Thought or Complexity of Thinking

    Complex Thought or Complexity of Thinking

    15 months ago

    To understand why we think the way we do Norma's taken a look at the origin of thinking and what is displayed in ancient sites that have a bearing on today's world. The start of intelligence is here.

  • How to write better

    How to write better

    15 months ago

    Everyone should learn to write better. Bring your words alive with a few tricks and good practices.

  • Why Are There Trees?

    Why Are There Trees?

    15 months ago

    These wonderful gifts of nature help us to breathe and they provide essential food to birds, animals, fish, humans, and the earth, so why are we destroying them?

  • Overpopulation, Religious Dogma, Politics, Economy and the Big Squeeze

    Overpopulation, Religious Dogma, Politics, Economy and the Big Squeeze

    15 months ago

    Religious conflicts, politics and the economic world are meeting head on in the last days. They have all contributed to the demise of the planet and each is as guilty as the other of today's events.

  • Roman Emperor Constantine

    Roman Emperor Constantine

    10 months ago

    He was the most brutal dictator and yet some call him a saint. He built a religion on his Islamic principles and he put the Mother God, Mari, of Babylon into it as the Mother of God. He is 666.

  • Pickles


    15 months ago

    Great for flavor and to set the gastric juices in motion.

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    15 months ago

    Black Friday in the USA is a lot different to what Aussies are used to . We relate it to Friday 13th.

  • How Much Do You Know About Australia?

    How Much Do You Know About Australia?

    15 months ago

    Australia is a great country but it was not always part of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Its history is interesting, exciting and sad. This quiz educates as well as tests how much you know.

  • What are Widgets

    What are Widgets

    15 months ago

    We use them everyday to click onto something on the Internet, but how do you make one?

  • Mindless Matter That Matters

    Mindless Matter That Matters

    15 months ago

    There is so much about life that could easily be done away with and yet it becomes more important sometimes than life itself. This is a philosophical look at some of them.

  • Child Abuse and Child Murder

    Child Abuse and Child Murder

    3 years ago

    Children are dying. Everyday there are reports of another little one being abused and sustaining injuries that are often the cause of their death. Many more children are damaged for life emotionally.

  • How To Protect Children and Child Safety Guidance

    How To Protect Children and Child Safety Guidance

    15 months ago

    Children are at risk, even in their own bedrooms. They require careful monitoring to check on their whereabouts at all times.


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