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I discovered Squidoo through a Google+ post about Seth Grodin griping about bad interfaces. I like the idea that Squidoo calls a point of view a lens and hope I can add some lenses of my own. Because we can only see the whole world if we are willing to look through as many lenses of other people as we can.

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  • Why do we admire the written word

    Why do we admire the written word

    6 months ago

    The first known examples of the written word are a few thousand years old, to be a little bit more precise the experts estimate it at 5500 years. However our problem with discovering the first written words is that...

  • Change is inevitable

    Change is inevitable

    5 months ago

    Change is something that is the norm in the universe from the big change in location of our milkyway to the small change in atoms through their decay.

  • High road versus low road

    High road versus low road

    5 months ago

    We all want to take the high road when it comes to our behavior towards others, but we often end up taking the low road is that is much easier to follow.

  • Is greed a bad thing

    Is greed a bad thing

    6 months ago

    Mankind has decided that there are seven behaviors that are to considered so bad, we should never show them. Those seven sins are even called deadly or mortal or cardinal sins. The seven sins are not necessarily bad,...

  • About two worldwide culture theories

    About two worldwide culture theories

    5 months ago

    Culture models by Hofstede and Trompenaars, the differences.

  • Is capitalism the solution

    Is capitalism the solution

    6 months ago

    In a previous article I pointed out some faulty assumptions that many capitalist carry about capitalism. Assumptions like: - everybody is equal, - everybody loves competition, - everybody becomes better through pain....

  • The Dutch political system

    The Dutch political system

    3 years ago

    The Dutch political system is a democratic system, it is a little different from other countries in that we vote only for representatives and not for official positions.