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  • After the Fire and More

    After the Fire and More

    2 years ago

    A nice little selection of poems for you guys to make you smile and perhaps something to inspire you! Haven't been writing a whole lot of poetry as I've been working on my novel as much as possible the last couple yrs. (Might be able to finish If I would quit scrapping it and starting over)

  • Last Mile Of A Generation

    Last Mile Of A Generation

    4 years ago

    Hunting a pursuit shouldn't be inconvenient We dwell in an expanse where large imaginings prowl Issues, atypical in any other era, grind on Glaciers, engulfing the soft palate of the world Then melting into bucket-fulls of emptiness, Those...

  • Ode to Elegy

    Ode to Elegy

    7 years ago

    One of the most common subjects that poets of all eras have explored is loss. Poetry is an invaluable tool to express grief in an approachable and artful manner. Many famous wordsmiths are so well-known precisely for producing content in this...

  • One Night, or of Something Like Love

    One Night, or of Something Like Love

    2 years ago

    There's a reason the Greeks personified the night As the daughter of chaos Mother of fate If they knew you, they would have chosen differently watching you glide along The water's edge Like sand is made of glass rather than the...

  • Of Love and Such

    Of Love and Such

    7 years ago

    Oh sweet, my valentine With ease and youth we lay In the greenest patch of sod More time for clouds and lazy smiles Red, a love for red A rose, nature's blush across Your cheek supposing kisses Just supposed Mornings, the heart wakes to itself...

  • Pantoum: Ever After

    Pantoum: Ever After

    8 years ago

    I'd really make a wretched mermaid All buoyancy long deserted Along with common-sense and salads To wine-cellar memories All buoyancy long deserted Drunkard feet leading astray To wine-cellar memories And come home another day ...

  • Winging It

    Winging It

    8 years ago

    Sometimes, we miss flight A Kryptonian notion, true Clash-crackle holdover from The moment of death in past lives? Gravity is a nonissue to the trout, Not impending catastrophe No blatherskite culture, nature Asserts dominance with...

  • Horoscopes: Fact or Fiction?

    Horoscopes: Fact or Fiction?

    8 years ago

    There is a lot of misinformation out there on the subject of horoscopes. I've met people who read their horoscope religiously in the paper every day, often shaping their lives around that tiny generic blurb. Many others say that astrology is not a...

  • Diagnosing Craigslist Syndrome

    Diagnosing Craigslist Syndrome

    8 years ago

    That's right. Craigslist Syndrome. The symptoms are easy to spot. You spend hours perusing the ads. "Hey look honey, a barbecue, only twenty bucks." Never mind that it's a hundred years old and you already have two sitting on your deck out back. You...

  • Roommate Rules: They Drive Us Crazy

    Roommate Rules: They Drive Us Crazy

    9 years ago

    Some difficulty can be expected when two adults from different backgrounds cohabitate. This is as true for a platonic "roomie" as for a lover. My days of "roomies" are over, but I have some advice for those thinking of taking on a roommate or with...

  • Revision: A Work In Progress

    Revision: A Work In Progress

    8 years ago

    I have an incredible amount of people who want to know about my revision process. I've decided to publish a growing-hub (One that I add to as the mood strikes me.) that specifically deals with one poem and its revision process. Hopefully, this will...

  • Finding A Voice: Avoiding Generalized Poetry

    Finding A Voice: Avoiding Generalized Poetry

    9 years ago

    One very common mistake poets make is a tendency to generalize. Finding the voice in your poetry is a difficult and sometimes daunting task. It's also as necessary as the imagery a good poem is riddled with. The voice of a poem does not need to...

  • Flirt: When To Say Goodbye

    Flirt: When To Say Goodbye

    10 years ago

    We've all hit the dating scene at one time or another; whether that be the clubs, the church social, the gym, or even the supermarket. We've also all wasted our time on the wrong person. I always hear people describe dating as "the game" or...

  • Word Pictures, A Poem's Worth A Thousand Images

    Word Pictures, A Poem's Worth A Thousand Images

    10 years ago

    A great piece of writing is an experience. Anyone who's ever read Frost or Wordsworth, enjoyed Shakespeare's sonnets or floated down the river with Mark Twain knows how easy it is to get lost in the words and let the world just fade away for a...

  • Psychic Perception: Isolating The Authentic From The Fraud

    Psychic Perception: Isolating The Authentic From The Fraud

    10 years ago

    Finding a legitimate psychic advisor can be a confusing experience. Phone and internet sources often lead to websites or call centers where they ask for your credit card information before even giving you any guidance or proof that they are genuine....

  • Interpreting Poetry: An Oral Art

    Interpreting Poetry: An Oral Art

    10 years ago

      As a poet, I get a lot of individuals who say they find poetry dry and boring.  These people are generally the same ones who listen obsessively to the same genre of music and think reading should be confined to how-to manuals or the latest...

  • Walk Poem: Stirring the Senses

    Walk Poem: Stirring the Senses

    10 years ago

      It's happened again.  You're sitting at home, staring at a blank computer screen with no idea of what to write.  Your muse has fled and your mind is empty.  Take a walk.  Write about it.     The walk poem has history dating back to the...

  • Enabling Erato- Finding a Muse in Today's Hectic World

    Enabling Erato- Finding a Muse in Today's Hectic World

    10 years ago

      Throughout history artists, scientists, and kings have searched for those mythic creatures said to inspire and guide mere mortals.  There are several variations of the myths told of the fabled muses, but one thing is clear.  We search outside...

  • Guide to Writing Great Poetry in Less than 15 Minutes

    Guide to Writing Great Poetry in Less than 15 Minutes

    10 years ago

    To ask for the right method to be a writer implies that there is logic to the process of creating a story or a poem. There is no set method to the way you should set things down on paper. Often, fiction can come fully formed and there is only then...


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