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So a section about me. What should I say...

I'm a novice writer feeling out my potential with short articles. As I've always been to lazy to actually work on a website, we'll see if I can write enough about one topic that I can then actually create a website. But until then, I'll see where HubPages takes me.

The topics I plan on covering:

Pirates - Have always fascinated me and through online research I have discovered that much of fact and fiction has become so muddled the entire truth has probably been lost to time. Most of the history seems to come from the same couple sources. I try to be accurate but I can never make guarantees as I studied accounting, not history.

Video Games - What's to say. I love them and have always wanted to try my hand at reviewing them. So my attempts will be posted for the world to see, hopefully to a favorable response but who knows. The games reviewed will be older as its a hobby for me and whoever wants to read my reviews.

Anime - One of the best forms of entertainment as far as I'm concerned and seems to be lacking on HubPages. We'll see what I can do to rectify that.

And whatever topics I find interesting - product reviews, misc. articles, whatever I'm in the mood to write about. I may even take requests for topics.

I'll do my best to write high quality articles giving honest facts and answers from how I see it. Feel free to disagree or leave a comment. If you think I have my facts wrong or am missing something in any of these hubs, let me know and I'll take a look.

Feel free to check out any of the blogs I've recently started:

Ramius Writer's Review - My amature review of books I've recently read, which still contain a whopping 0 reviews.

A decent backlink site and place to earn some money is RedGage. If for no other purpose, use it for backlinks and feel free to add me as a friend. My name on site is ArthurRoyal.

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