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I'm Dan, and I like nutrition, put those two together and you get NutritionDan. I'm a college senior studying nutrition as well as biochemistry. I grew up as a very overweight child, but I turned my eating habits around, started being physically active and went from overweight and unheathy to in shape and feeling great. Millions of Americans and people worldwide struggle with problems related to diet and health. Nutrition should not be as difficult as it is, but with an unfortunate combination of misinformation, questionable science, disagreement amongst nutririon professionals and academics, and food marketing, there are many conflicting ideas about nutrition. I'm here to provide a no-nonsense, and most importantly, unbiased view of what to eat if you want to be healthy. Sure, I have my own personal opinions like everyone else, but this is not the place for them. I really on well documented scientific principles and consensus from multiple academic groups to determine what really works. If this type of agreement does not exist, I'll be sure to tell you exactly where it lies in the realm of debate.

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