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I have been using the internet since the year 2000, and I connected to the internet from my flat at University. Through playing an online game, I started to learn HTML, which then led me to start learning PHP.

Over the last 9 years I have started an stopped many different projects. Currently I am working on an online game and a resouce for keeping track of your favourite Fantasy authors.

For the last 4 years, I have provided Internet and Application server support for a Defence client, and also for a large Telecomms company. I have worked with Windows server technologies such as IIS and SharePoint, and also linux server technologies like apache2 and bind.

I also like to write the occassional poem

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      • Views on unpublished hubs

        Views on unpublished hubs

        7 years ago

        Can moderators and administrators view hubs that have not yet been finished. One of my hubs that is in progress and not yet published, has already got a score of 70ish and had 19 views.

      • A new poetry hub

        A new poetry hub

        7 years ago

        Hi guys,I've seen a couple of comments from people wanting to see new poetry hubs. I thought that I'd let you know that I have recently joined the ranks of poetry hubbers.I started off with a hub with 4 of my old...

      • Questions and Answers

        Questions and Answers

        7 years ago

        A few times now, I have spotted someones question, scanned through the answers, if any, and then typed my answer out in the 'submit a question' box.I see questions out there that seem to be replies to people, rather...

      • Decided to try this challenge out

        Decided to try this challenge out

        7 years ago

        I registered a day and a half ago and have written 4 decent length hubs so far. Have another 3 waiting to be finished.I seem to be doing well, have 6 'fans' already and a couple of my new hubs are already mid 60's with...

      • A question about score.

        A question about score.

        7 years ago

        I have written 3 hubs, and have 1 saved, waiting to be finished. I was wondering if the process of writing hubs over a period of time was bad for your scores.My first hub was written in one go, and currently has a score...

      • Question about adsense / amazon accounts?

        Question about adsense / amazon accounts?

        7 years ago

        Hi,I have just written my first hub. I have refreshed the page now 4 or 5 times, and checked the source.Each time, all of the google ads and also all of the amazon books were using a hubpages identifier, rather than my...