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  • Remembrance


    13 months ago

    On the next lonely night you can think of me and remember all that we shared You can close your eyes and dream of a world and bet that I would be there You can wish for a love and make it come true and let go with it still in your heart You can...

  • Winds of Change

    Winds of Change

    13 months ago

    The trees out the window have changed in the night From a green to an orange and a yellow so bright Soon those leaves will break and descend As the season winds down and comes to an end Their branches left bare, stripped down to none For...

  • My Road

    My Road

    13 months ago

    Long ago I walked a road on which no feet did travel I continued down not reading the signs and not mending the loosened gravel But soon I grew tired and had to slow down while others passed my byway And this once abandoned road to nowhere had...

  • Why? (I Already Know)

    Why? (I Already Know)

    13 months ago

    Why am I lonely when I've made it that way by everything I do? And why am I angry when the things that I've planned, don't happen when I already knew? Why am I sad when you walk away, when I've shown you the way to go? And why am I sorry when you...

  • A Girl

    A Girl

    13 months ago

    I lie awake at night thinking of her Speaking aloud to no one, but hoping she can hear me We're alike in so many ways But it's hard to make her realize that her friendship is all I need To talk to her is like making love to the soul I've been...

  • Patience (joy)

    Patience (joy)

    13 months ago

    He has stayed all night, alone in the grass He watches the moon, and lets the time pass He hears the night's sound It echoes forever His body is still His mind writes a letter He awaits the sunrise It was promised to him He'll watch flowers...

  • Just Because

    Just Because

    13 months ago

    Just because I do not say so It does not mean that I don't love you And just because I do not sing It doesn't mean that I don't want to Just because sometimes I hide It doesn't mean that I'm afraid And just because I look asleep It does not...

  • Roses are Red

    Roses are Red

    13 months ago

    Unborn children die Their souls put to bed Their dreams never dreamed And roses are red A man lost all hope His wife was found dead Barely married a year And roses are red A chlidless woman She chose career instead Now she cries in the...

  • Pain


    13 months ago

    I remember how we sat together You had come from your mother's house and you were sad You were crying and your body shook violently I never felt so much pain I held you I held you as tightly as I could I thought you would break, but you didn't...

  • I Was Only Dreaming

    I Was Only Dreaming

    13 months ago

    I fall asleep She's awake in my thoughts We're laughing and holding one another Then she's gone I feel sad I wake up I'm still feeling sad I think, "Is she there? Is she there? Is she there? Ah yes, now I remember, I was only dreaming." I'm...

  • Blue Eyes

    Blue Eyes

    13 months ago

    I dreamed of a woman And her eyes were blue I imagined her smile, how her love would shine through I thought of her laughter Her kindness and charms The gentleness and safety, I would find in her arms I dreamed of a woman There would be only...


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