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Hello! I’m a sixteen-year-old boy who comes from Albania. Albania is a beautiful country with a lot of things to see explore, which I plan to write about them in the future. My favorite sport is football (soccer) which I enjoy to watch, usually with my dad, but unfortunately I’ve got no talent. I play three times a week basketball with my teammates and I can say that I’ve gotten pretty good at that. I have a whole other year till I graduate to high school. I learn every subject with a lot of passion, but I’m keener on math and physic, and less on chemistry. I’ve been in Alanya, Turkey this year, where I had a lot of fun with my family. The hotel was great, too. What I’m trying to achieve with Hubpages is to accomplish all of my dreams that I have right now. For example: becoming a good writer and learning the English better. But the only way I can accomplish these dreams is through you. I need your help and your thoughts, so I can become better at what I’m doing.

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