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I have traded options since 2001 and I have been teaching option trading to novice investors since 2007.

Options are not for everyone, but I do believe they offer the small investor, who is interested in the stock market, a better opportunity to grow their portfolio than through stocks alone.

The key to success in trading options is discipline. It is very easy to get excited about the potential returns and ignore your trading plan.

My goal with this blog is twofold. First, I want to teach those who are interested the ins and out of options and how they can work for you. Second, I will also share my strategies and option selections.

I will share with you the strategies that I have found to work and help you to avoid some common mistakes that most option traders make.

If you can increase the number of successful trades and decrease the number of unsuccessful trades, you will be successful in trading options long-term.

Options investing involves risk. All suggestions/recommendations should be evaluated carefully with an investment professional. I am not a registered advisor, broker, or investment professional.

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