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Four years ago I quit my job, and started looking at alternative ways to make money from home. I had recently attended Peak Potential's Intensive in New Jersey. Some of the speakers: Armand Asante and Joel Comm have been making a living from the Internet for years. All in all it was pretty inspirational, so I was pretty amped when I got home. I signed up for every kind of account: google adsense, neverblue, you name it; and bought bought a domain. After searching all the writing for pay options, and in the interest of doing what is easiest and simplest, I chose hubpages. The interface was the easy especially when It came to organizing the page and uploading and importing photographs, and I liked the results on the page.

For about three months I toiled away writing most days. I produced a small website about tattoos and wrote a dozen or more hubs of varying quality. Shortly thereafter financial pressure forced me to return to work although I was convinced that I wanted to eventually get into writing full-time and produce my own comprehensive domain. Well my wife and I bought a house in Arkansas on Craigs list no money down and its now paid for so here we are. This Christmas was partly paid for by a check from adsense which had accumulated over the last thrree years from the work done in those initial three months. It was not a fortune but it helped and it was suprisingly satisfying to cash that check.

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