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My name is Chris Padgett. I've grown up in a religious background, but I only recently accepted Jesus Christ. I never understood the Christian faith or the Bible until I was saved myself.

I used to hear Christians say that they believed in the Bible because they've felt the Holy Spirit. Before I was saved myself, I thought that was a ridiculous reason to believe in something.

I had a general athiestic view of life. I wanted to believe in God, but I couldn't. However, all of that changed for me recently. My eyes have been opened.

After realizing that I had been wrong for so long about faith, I started to wonder what other truths I had ignored because of popular influence.

These Hubs are my attempt to share what I have recently learned and what I continue to uncover.

Please join me. Let us approach new and old information from a journalistic perspective. Let us not be lead by popular concensus or media anymore. Let us dig for the real truth in everything.

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