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I have studied Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History to University Level.

My philosophy is to be my own best student and as a result I have self educated myself as a professional musician and freelance artist. My other interests include Law, Comparative Religion and Science.

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  • Charlie Sheen On Hubpages.

    Charlie Sheen On Hubpages.

    13 months ago

    Is Charlie Sheen on HP? Eerie parallels occur if we examine his comments, hubs and habits. Charlie Sheen’s birth name is Carlos Irwin Estevez. Keith translates as Carlos, ABT is a potent drug.

  • Mafia and Modern Hollywood.

    Mafia and Modern Hollywood.

    15 months ago

    The Mythbuster's dummy "Buster" stars as Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Revenant". Borrowing comedy from Will Ferrell's only flop "Casa di mi Papa" DiCaprio dons "red face" and embarrasses us all.

  • The Jesus Hoax.

    The Jesus Hoax.

    22 months ago

    For centuries fanatical monks have been changing history by forging phony archaeological sites, documents, false identities and infiltrating the Muslim, Jewish and Hindu faiths to create a fake Jesus

  • Ethical Failures of the Scientific Method.

    Ethical Failures of the Scientific Method.

    17 months ago

    Science is dangerously fallible on two counts. Firstly human error. Secondly, the almost total lack of an ethical code. It's lack of ethics has already created social and environmental pollution.

  • FX Resurrection of Star Trek.

    FX Resurrection of Star Trek.

    15 months ago

    Ironically science can create bold new episodes of the Original 60's series of Star Trek. New technology will eventually create season 4 & 5 by digitally resurrecting the same lead actors.

  • The Truth About Gravity.

    The Truth About Gravity.

    4 months ago

    Sympathetic resonance is a scientific principle that spans both primitive magic and scientific innovation. Gravity itself is an expression of this same principle of "like attracts like".

  • Plastic Surgery in 1940s Germany.

    Plastic Surgery in 1940s Germany.

    5 months ago

    Poem: " Long before the war did end, Adolf and Eva had fled, Donning plastic surgery, before they were even wed". Did Hitler assume the identity of Hollywood star Eric Von Stroheim?

  • Were Neanderthals Smarter the Us?

    Were Neanderthals Smarter the Us?

    19 months ago

    Neanderthal genes combined both very ancient hominid and modern DNA with larger brains than ours. Did high IQ quasi "Neanderthals" at Gibraltar sail across the Atlantic?

  • Plain White Chalk.

    Plain White Chalk.

    15 months ago

    White carbonate chalk is capable of eliciting aphrodisiac effects. Its white powder can be hallucinogenic. Cave art depicts people covered in chalk dust. Lost tribes still dance naked painted in it

  • The Failures of

    The Failures of "New Atheism".

    6 months ago

    There is a pattern of contradiction in most New Atheist based arguments made online in various forums; in particular paradoxically blaming a supposed non existent God for human tragedy.

  • How Rasputin Survived Many Poisonings.

    How Rasputin Survived Many Poisonings.

    6 months ago

    The narwhals tusk, the reason whales beach themselves, how Rasputin survived deliberate toxic poisoning, and why bats are so immune to diseases: external keratin removes toxins.